15 Mile Leg Loosener, or so I Thought!

I had planned a wee 15 mile cycle to loosen the legs today after yesterdays 36 miles, but that was not to be!

After Ally’s fall and puncture resulting in only 6 miles cycled yesterday he contacted me asking if I fancied a pedal today and would I be up early. I text him around 9.30am, he did say early, but got no reply so after a further 2 phone calls he eventually phoned me back just after 10am sounding a little worse for wear after his bevvy session the previous night! Anyway surprisingly he was up for a pedal so we decided that it would be safer for me to pick him up as his bike was at mine and he sounded like he’d struggle to walk in a straight line never mind drive! I picked him up then we set about showing him how to repair a puncture.

After the puncture repair lesson and several attempts trying to call Ricky, we kept missing each other, we decided just to pop past his house. As we arrived at Ricky’s house we discovered that he was already suited and booted, well for the bike anyway, and Dawes was on his way over too.

So there we were, 4 of us, 3 of which had young fresh legs, well not so much young but fresh legs anyway as they had missed yesterdays escapades. I had opted for the hardtail instead of the road bike, I’m still asking myself why! Well I chose it as the others were on their hardtails and I didn’t want to restrict the route being the only one on a road bike. The combination of wide, sticky, nobbly MTB tyres and legs that had no life left in them turned out to be a bad choice! Well we were only going to do a wee 15 mile leg loosener weren’t we!

We headed up to Sainsbury’s Distribution Centre where we met up with Scotty and his huge collection of lycra. Then the fun and games really began!

We then completed a 25 mile route taking in Auldhouse, Eaglesham and Muttonhole Road to name a few, oh and plenty of hills! I was fine on the flat but really struggled on the hills, made it up them tho but at a slower pace than normal. We hit the junction of Strathaven road and Scotty decided to head back and pick up his van which was left at Sainsburys, while the others were planning on heading right up Strahaven road and over to Muttonhole Road and down the back roads and over the wee bridge. I looked left and could see the Downhill route back to EK, but in a moment of complete madness I decided to carry on right and take in a few extra miles!

Sorry just had to take a wee break from the keyboard there as I hit cramp in my left hamstring! Lol

All in all it was a great cycle , albeit wet and very windy at points, with the usual great company! This may sound strange but as much as it was a toughie for me today I really enjoyed it, although the look on my face at times may have said otherwise!

Ally popped into my house on the way home and we rattled the sweetie cupboard to take on some sugary chocolate, followed by a roll and sausage, then I took him home in the car.

One of the things that stuck out for me today was Dawes telling me that we only had 2 hills left, 4 hills later we still had plenty more to go! On the bright side I can’t wait for Dawes to take me for “TWO” pints!!!

Can’t complain with racking up 61 miles in two days! Think I’ll treat myself to a wee day off tomorrow!