1st Decent Pedal of 2016

At last I managed to make it out on the road. Having only managed to rack up 36 road miles in Jan I was eager to feel the wind ripple through my locks once again.

Saturday past, was that very day. With a weekend full of jobs needing done I was originally planning on heading out on Sunday as I needed to lay slabs on the Sat. That plan soon changed after a phone call from Gilly. He assured me the planned route was around 53 miles and that we’d be back in time to see the Scottish Cup tie between Rangers and Kilmarnock.

The weather was cold but dry. I headed up over the Hamilton back roads to meet Gilly before dropping down to Blantyre to meet Hugh, who was out for the first time since his all-inclusive fortnight away in sunnier climates.

Straight from the off it was apparent that Hugh was struggling. Not like him as he’s usually a strong rider. He’s been receiving physio on his leg so a combination of that and the all-inclusive fortnight away had taken its toll.

Next intended stop was Hairmyres to meet up with the man who many had forgotten about…… Ian Hockey. We made our way via Stoneymeadow Road and past BBQ onto the old Fives complex. It was at this point that Gilly asked me if we took a right and climb the big steep hill would it bring us out on Stewartfield Road. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been out this way and thought that it did take you out at Stewartfield Road, I was wrong!

Poor Hugh….. we made him climb the steep hill only to tell him we’d taken a wrong turn and would be heading back down the hill.

A quick call was made to Ian and we changed the meeting point to Eaglesham Cross. Before long we had arrived and Hugh decided that enough was enough, he was heading back home, having nothing in the legs the thought of a further 40 odd miles just wasn’t appealing!

So then there was three. We headed off to tackle the famous Eaglesham Moors. I was surprised at how strong I felt on the climbs over the Moors. All those hours on the TDF Bike in Jan had made a difference!

I’m not going to bore you with every turn of the ride but we headed along the A77, into Moscow, Newmilns, Darvel and into Strathaven. Arriving at the traffic lights at Strathaven, Gilly turned left up over the back roads and into Strathaven while Ian and myself headed along the Strathaven road back into East Kilbride.

The night before Gilly said the route would be about 53 miles, it was 52 miles. He also said we’d be back in time for the Rangers game at 12:30, we were……. boy he’s good!

So there I was back home in time for the game, 10 mins to spare, just enough time to put the bike away and grab a shower. Well I thought I had enough time! I put my key into the lock and the key turned but not the lock barrel, resulting in half the key snapping in the lock!!!

A quick call to Gail to find out where she was and a cry for help. She was at Toys R Us so made her way back to rescue me. So there I was standing in the garden starting to get cold watching the start of the Rangers game on my mobile!

All ended well as my hero wife rescued me! I eventually managed to get the broken part of the key out the lock during half time of the game.

Was really happy with my performance, felt strong on the climbs, tho my legs did start to tire around the 35 mile mark, mainly down to lack of road miles. 26 Strava trophies with 10 of those being PB’s……. can’t complain with that so early in the season!

Oh and I did manage to get the slabs down too!

Starting to get cold waiting about in the garden to be rescued by Gail.
Starting to get cold waiting about in the garden to be rescued by Gail.