1st Miles as a 39yr old

Saturday 19th March saw me turn the ripe young age of 39! The big 4-0 is now too close for comfort!

So just like any other person celebrating their birthday I had planned to head out on the bike and get some birthday miles in…… ok I’m not normal, but in a good way.

Nobody seemed to share my enthusiasm for a birthday pedal so it was looking like a solo pedal, that was untill an hour before I had panned to head out. Still lying in bed with the duvet covered in wrapping paper, birthday cards and presents, I got a text from Robbie asking if I was up. A short phone call later and my birthday pedal was no longer going to be a solo event.

Robbie was straight off night shift and upon hearing it was just myself heading out for a pedal on my birthday he was having none of it and insisted on joining me. Then up stepped Ian Hockey to the plate, fresh back from a few days away mountain biking in Spain and complete with pretty much his full left hand side purple with bruising. There was now 3 of us celebrating my birthday with a pedal.

As planned I left mine at 9:30am and headed to Hairmyres to collect Robbie and Ian. First stop was Ian’s but as he wasn’t quite ready I headed round the corner to get Robbie. I was somewhat flattered to receive a birthday card from Robbie, a lovely card with flowers on the front…… it was all he had lying about but it’s the thought that counts as they say! He also handed me a pack of Chocolate Freddo Faces as my present, which were polished off straight away! Lol

It turned out to be a cracking pedal as the sun made an appearance and there was very little wind. We had opted for the Stewarton run which resulted in 38.1 miles and a decent amount of climbing. I felt strong, my training is starting to pay off and I’m really enjoying my cycling at the moment.

Birthday Pedal
Birthday Pedal in the Sun

Highlights from my birthday pedal.

Thoroughly enjoyable pedal in the sun on my birthday with Robbie and Ian, followed heading out for a meal with my family then off to the local with my twin for several refreshments!

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