1st Miles of 2015

With all the festivities out the way it was time to get back on the bike and prepare for the Mallorca trip in April. Nearly 3 weeks off the bike and plenty grub and alcohol under the belt it was destined to be a sore one! Bellies had expanded and it was time to burn that unwanted fat off, or at least attempt to.

Forecast was for a dry but chilly day, with temperatures of 4-5°. Roll call for this early year pedal was Stevie Potter, Gilly, Willie and myself. We had arranged to meet at mine ready to set off at 9:30am, well Stevie and Willie were heading to mine and we’d set off to meet Gilly at Muttonhole Road.

Stevie and Willie duly arrived and after the formalities of wishing each other a Happy New Year we set off, with my Garmin Virb in toll. The roads were a little icy so caution would be the order of the day. We set off and headed over the Hamilton bridge straight onto the tough wee climb with little in the means of a warm up. As we crossed the bridge and started our accent of the hill I pulled away from Stevie and Willie and powered on up the hill. My legs were feeling good, but my lungs were burning!

Arriving at Muttonhole Road we had very little time to wait for Gilly to appear and some more Happy New Years were dished out! After a brief discussion we decided to keep the route relatively flat and headed out to Strathaven onto the Muirkirk Road and out to the Prison where we turned and headed back.

As we headed along Strathaven Road on the way back Willie carried straight on while Stevie and I swung a right with Gilly to accompany him back to Muttonhole Road. It was at this point that without warning my rear wheel slipped away from me and I started snaking across the road, somehow managing to keep the bike upright!

Arriving back at Muttonhole Road we said gooddbye to Gilly, then Stevie and I headed back along the Hamilton Back roads. Shortly before we arrived at Muttonhole road my Garmin Virb died so that was the end of the recording for the day.

As we approached the downhill section approaching the Hamilton Bridge, Stevie and I were riding two abreast and a 4×4 passed us with little room to spare. Hand gestures were offered towards the driver who got stopped at the bridge. As we approached he leaned out his window and in no uncertain terms asked us if we had a problem, to which we explained that he hadn’t left us much room while overtaking. He seemed grieved that we were riding two abreast to which I informed him it wasn’t illegal. Full of mouth, threats and no action he started to pull away and scraped his alloys across the bridge! Lol

Just typical my battery had died on the camera before this incident occurred! We did manage to make it back to mine without further incident.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable pedal, albeit cold and icy in places. Was good to get the first miles of 2015 in the legs and to actually get some footage on the Virb.