1st Miles of 2017 with Robbie

We’re 8 days into 2017 and I’ve managed to bank my first miles of the year. The significant part isn’t that I’ve banked my first miles of 2017, it’s that I’ve actually been back out on the bike after a couple of months where my cycling mojo was temporarily misplaced.

Yip, for some unknown reason I’ve neglected my cycling and haven’t had the urge to get out on the bike. Having booked 3 Sportives for 2017, Tour of Ayrshire, Etape Caledonia and the Brewin Dolphin Ochil Hills 100 Sportive to try and motivate myself, I’ve been forced off my backside and back on the bike.

Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to get back out on the bike and after replacing my tyre as the current one had a rip in it it was time to head out the door and try and remember how to ride my bike. Just as I was about to head out the door I remembered back to the Xmas night out at Spice where Robbie made me promise him I’d drag him out, as he too has lost his cycling mojo.

I sent a text asking if he was off as he works shifts. He replied back saying he was working night shift to which I replied, great, I’ll be round for you in 15mins. His response was that he was still in bed and had been on the red wine last night so wouldn’t be out. Just as I was about to send another text telling him tough I was on my way, he replied saying give him 30mins.

So that was that, both Robbie and I were about to start searching for our cycling mojo. It was a damp and chilly day but that didn’t dampen the spirits in the hunt for our lost mojo. It won’t come as much of a surprise that we opted for the StuTape.

It was a great ride, we got a catch up and just went out and rode our bikes, not looking at our Garmin’s or bothering about average speeds or Strava segments. It’s was all about getting back on the bike and enjoying cycling for what it is! Too often we go out to smash PB’s, hit specific average speeds and smash Starva records, so it was good to forget all about that.

It’s fair to say we both have found our cycling mojo again!

So not only was I out on the bike yesterday, I also headed back out again this morning on a solo 15 mile recovery ride, which yet again was very enjoyable. Well with the exception of some old dear trying to send me into the side of her car by pulling out in front of me on the roundabout, then looking at me as thought I was the one in the wrong!!

My cycling mojo is well and truly back! As I like to say, I never lost my cycling mojo, I only temporarily misplaced it!