1st Turbo Session of 2014

The date is 6th January 2014, it’s 6am and I’m rudely awoken from my sleep by my alarm clock, with a squinted eye I reach out for my phone and turn the alarm off and roll back over. I’m now being harassed by the good me and the bad me, the good me is talking softly into my ear telling me to get up and head downstairs and jump on my turbo which was set up the night before in preparation for this mornings early session. In total opposite the bad me is telling me to roll back over and grab another hour in bed! My head is buzzing from the in-head fighting and I make my decision, I jump out of bed and head to the bathroom.

So far so good, I’ve managed to get out my bed to re-start my 6am turbo sessions, but today’s session may still be hit on the head as last night our water was brown! I run the tap and all looks good, the water appears to be clear again. With no excuses left I get kitted up and head down to the livingroom where my trusty stead has been patiently waiting for me to jump on and thrash out a 3LC turbo session. The next decision was which of the 4 sessions would I do today? All 4 dvd’s get completed through the week but the order in which they are tackled changes from week to week. I opted for a bit of nostalgia, heading back to my roots where it all began, the Climbing dvd.

With my decision made I filled my 750ml Gatorade bottle with water, jumped on the bike and pressed the play button on the remote……. there was no heading back now!

50mins later and a fair amount of grunting and sweating the session was over, my first turbo session of 2014 was complete. I must admit that it wasn’t as bad as I though it would be but to be fair I’ve been out on the bike over Christmas and New Year.

As I was in the kitchen drinking my recovery drink my wife came down and ran the water which was still slightly brown! A combination of being half asleep and low light conned me into thinking the water was back to normal. Too late, I’d just rattled 750ml of brown water along with a further 500ml mixed in with my recovery drink! I was expecting to do a lot of running today……. to the toilet, but thankfully so far so good!

The buzz is back and it’s time to get tore back into the 3LC Turbo Sessions!