2 Cycles and a Wedding!

Wednesday 28th March

ASBO just back from a week in Austria punishing his liver joined me again for my mid week cycle. We took advantage of the lovely weather and lighter nights and swapped the East Kilbride roads for the back roads.

We left mine and headed past Langlands and began the accent up Ardochrig which ASBO found tough after abusing his body for a week on Ricky’s stag-do!

From there we headed into Strathaven past the back-end of the park and back onto the back roads, then onto Strathaven road for a mile then back onto the back roads where we headed back to East Kilbride.

Felt good and enjoyed the cycle averaging 13.3 mph.

Saturday 31st March

Our usual weekend pedal was put in jeopardy by an inconsiderate Ricky who decided that he was going to get married today, what’s that all about???? Not to worry we got a FREE meal out it!

On Thursday night over a few beers at the bowling club in Busby we agreed that we would set off early so we could still get a pedal in. 8am was the agreed time so at 7.45am I set off to meet Gilly and Chris at Muttonhole Road.

As I crossed the wee bridge at the bottom of the Hamilton back roads and started my accent of the steep hill my chain came off and I nearly had a close inspection of the tarmac! Thankfully I managed to unclip in time. I got the chain back on and it took me three attempts to try and get enough momentum to getting going again on the steep hill.

After the little episode on the hill I manged to make it to Muttonhole Road in one piece and minutes later Chris and Gilly arrive. After the usual formalities Chris and Gilly start talking about some time trial hill and before I knew it we were headed back towards Hamilton heading down Newhousemill Road, Earnock Road, Wellhall Road then swung a left onto Hillhouse Road. From here we continued on to the bottom of that hill, Sydes Braes! Just standing at the bottom looking up gave me altitude sickness! We set off on the accent and after the first very steep section it wasn’t too bad, certainly a lung and thigh buster tho!

Muttonhole Road
Muttonhole Road at 8am in the Morning
Chris & Gilly
Chris & Gilly on their way to the meeting point
Chris & Gilly
Chris & Gilly approaching
Gilly with huge smile on his face, probably due to the fact he was about to tell me of the plan to climbing Sydes Braes

With Sydes Braes out the way we carried on what was a great wee pedal passing by Muttonhole Road again and taking in villages such as Chapelton, Glassford and Strathaven. We then swung onto Strathaven Road and headed back to East Kilbride totalling 30.22 miles with an average speed of 14.0 mph!

The day started a little chilly but soon warmed up, but that may have had something to do with Sydes Braes!

With 30 miles under my belt it was time to grab some lunch, have a shower and set off for Ricky’s wedding which was a great day, good food and plenty of drink! All guilt free of course!