26 Miles In Poor Visibility

Having arranged to go for a chinese and a few beers with Mark and Brian on Friday night, two of the guys who used to take the football team with us, I woke up on Saturday morning a little worse for wear. Having enjoyed the company of Mr Peroni and Mr Talisker until being invited to leave the pub at 1am was not feeling conducive to good preparation for a morning pedal.
I pushed back our meeting time from 9.30 to 9.45 and we headed out up the hill to Muttonhole Rd.
We decided to stick to the back roads as the visibility was really bad at only about 50 yards or so at times. We also came across quite a few drivers with only side lights on which was a wee bit scary as they were fairly close to us by the time we could see them. It was pretty cold and there were patches of snow at the side of the road around Strathaven so we were taking it a bit easy, due to the combination of conditions. Overall I was fairly happy with the stats, we managed 26 miles at an average of 13.1mph which wasn’t too bad.

It had been a few weeks since I was last out on the road and it was nice to get some fresh air as opposed to the wind from a fan when sitting on the turbo trainer. Good to hear from Stu that our kit will be arriving shortly and I’m looking forward to seeing the Warriors looking resplendant in their new finery. Hope to see a few of you in the not too distant future for a wee pedal.

Cheers Gilly.