27 Miler with Stevie P

The date is 11th December 2013, the weather is ideal for cycling, if not a tad chilly! Surely it can’t be East Kilbride in Scotland I’m talking about? Surprisingly it is! Even our summer nights are not usually as good as this! Lol

With 10 of the Warriors signed up for the Etape Caledonia it meant winter training has now begun…… or has it? The usual text was sent to the group to see who fancied starting their training and head out for a pedal, the response was not surprisingly, very poor. Davie’s reply was “Nah, cannae make it“. To be fair to Davie he was out a couple of weeks ago so he has done his training for the Etape! Shaun turned down the chance of a pedal as he put it, “Not me mate. Small matter of a meaningless champions league tie to watch.“……. Oooooft bet he wished he’d come out now as Barcelona’s second team tore Celtic a new one with a 6-1 win!

With no reply from anyone else that left just the usual suspects!


Due to my work location moving the meet up time was changed from the normal 6:45pm to 7pm. I prepared my bike the night before and sorted out my kit the morning of the ride to ensure I’d be ready when Stevie arrived.

As I sat at my desk at work I wished the seconds, minutes and hours away until I’d be out on my bike letting the wind flow through my hair. Eventually the clock struck 6pm and it was home time! The whole way home I kept checking the temperature gauge in an attempt to try and workout what kit would be required for the evening ride. It was fairly mild and dry but bearing in mind the climb up over the Eaglesham Moors takes you to the high ground and leaves you exposed to the elements, I decided to go with layers, after all I could always remove some but I couldn’t add more on if I didn’t have them with me!

Arriving home I threw back a Gatorade 01 Prime pouch and got my self kitted up, then proceeded to attach my lights to the bike and helmet, plonk my water bottles into the bottle cages and finally secure my saddle bag to the underside of my saddle.

Stevie duly arrived and we set off on the usual Wednesday night pedal. Reaching the top of my street we turn left, went through the roundabout and stopped at the t-junction at the bottom until it was clear to proceed. With a break in the traffic we turned right onto High Common Road. I took to the front and set the pace and just as we passed under the tunnel what has now become a familiar sound was heard….. thud! Yip you got it, my saddle bag decided to detach itself from my saddle and caress the the tarmac! I’m sorry Fi’zi:k but I’ve come to the conclusion that your Saddle PA:K with integrated clip system is shit!

I could hear Stevie shout behind me and knew straight away what it was, so pulled into the side. Stevie turned round a went to retrieve the saddle PA:K, and at that point an arsehole in a white van thought it would be funny to try and drive over it! Thankfully his driving skills were not up to much and he missed, though Stevie and I didn’t miss him with a tirade of abuse! Reattaching the offending saddle PA:K we waited for a break in the heavy traffic then set off on our journey.

Picking the pace up we headed over Stround Road and into Lindsayfield swapping the very busy road for a much quieter one. Heading out the back of Lindsayfield we continued on and joined up with Jackton road and into Eaglesham. From here we proceeded through Eaglesham and started on the first climb out of Eaglesham and onto the Moors. Working together we climbed the three hills over the Moors and onto the A77 for several miles before coming off onto Mearns Road. Continuing along Mearns Road we swung a left onto Humbie Road and back into Eaglesham before retracing our footsteps, or should I say wheel tracks, back to mine.

A great night for pedal, though it was a little chilly on the climb up over the Moors, but it stayed dry which was an added bonus! I felt really strong again on the climbs and Stevie was looking in good shape too. Hopefully we’ll see some of the other boys out soon and get a good peloton on the road like the good old days.