2nd Ever Sportive Now Upon us!

Tis the eve of our 2nd ever Sportive, the Graeme Obree Sportive in Ayrshire. The roll call for this one is smaller than our first sportive earlier in March, with just myself, Gilly and Chris participating.

We have opted or the 48.5 mile route but it should still be a challenge, especially if this wind and rain keep up! Oh and it’s forecast for thunder and lightening around 1pm so we better get our fingers out and get finished by then! Lol

So the training’s done and the body’s loaded with carbs so all that’s left is to get an earlyish night and enjoy our 2nd ever Sportive tomorrow.

The route profile for tomorrow looks like this:

Hopefully the weather holds out for us tomorrow and that the hills are kind to us!

Next stop after tomorrow is possibly an 80 miler in St.Andrews on 26th Aug, followed by the pedal for Scotland, Glasgow to Edinburgh 100 mile route!