32 Miles With Davy Mullin. Sat 12th January 2013.

With the weather forecast for snow on Sunday, Davy and I arranged to set off from my house at 9.30am on Saturday. I decided to check the bike out on Friday night and was pleased that I did. The chain was rusting quite badly and it took me around 20 minutes to coax the rusted kinks out of it. With no-one else available it was just the two of us.

Forgot to take a picture, so this was after the event.
Forgot to take a picture, so this was after the event.

It was a bit chilly, around freezing, but the roads were fairly clear and there wasn’t a great deal of wind about so it was just a case of getting the right gear on and hoping that the bug that had caused me grief over the last wee while had got the hint.

As usual we headed up the hill to Muttonhole Road, made our way through Chapelton and into Strathaven. We took it easy through the icy sections which had previously caught Davy out and it was nice to see him remain upright through them this time.

Willie Rosling had texted to say that he was meeting Ian Hockey at 10.30am and they were heading out. We stopped at the Strathaven end of the Muirkirk Road and phoned Willie to see if we could meet up but Ian was running late and unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen.

We cracked on and headed down to the reservoir. By this point we had covered 16 miles and I was feeling ok compared to last week. We decided to turn round, due to time constraints, made our way through Strathaven and headed down the Hamilton Rd before cutting along the length of Muttonhole Rd and back to my house. I was starting to feel the pace a little at this point and Davy, who looks to be going well, had to hang about for me a bit. We pressed on and were quite pleased when we managed to get a sad face on the speed display on the way home, coming through it at 36 mph.

It was another day of product testing, with Mr Wiggle having visited through the week. My new Knog rear light looked the part and the hat I got for under my helmet was warm enough but not too hot. Thankfully, unlike some of my fellow Warriors, ( it seems to be big Stu’s turn to have a run of bad luck with the P word ) I had no need to discover how efficient my new Lezyne CO2 inflator kit works and long may that continue. The only disappointment was that the usual mini bag of Haribos wasn’t in with my order. Come on Wiggle, you’ve got to keep the customer satisfied!

It was really enjoyable to take advantage of a lovely winters day by getting a few miles in and surprisingly we didn’t encounter any dangerous or aggressive driving for a wee change. I was delighted to get 32 miles in and felt not too bad. I spent an hour on the turbo today as a recovery ride and just took it easy, spinning my legs to ease them off. With the forecast not looking great it looks like Sufferfest City for the next wee while but hopefully there will be the occasional nice day that we can take advantage of.