32 Miles With Davy Mullin

32 Miles With Davy Mullin.Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:06 AM (32.45 miles)

Distance:32.45 mi
Average Speed:14.4 mph
Activity Type:Cycling
Calories:1,664 C
Elevation Gain:1,370 ft
Event Type : Cycling.

Davy and I arranged to meet at 9am and head out for a few miles on what looked like being a lovely Autumn morning. As Stu and Stevie had been out yesterday, and all others either lying in their beds or watching weans it was just the two of us. Davy arrived punctually and I watched as his bike, which he had rested against the side of the car, rolled along the side of it before coming to rest. No damage done.
We decided on a route and headed up the hill to Muttonhole Road, through Limekilburn and into Strathaven. This weeks rocket was brought to us by the good people of Strathaven in the shape of a twat in a black pimped Vectra who drove by us with his window open and shouted some unintelligible message at us. I think it was something about “getting off the road” or whatever. Hopefully his next shite will be a hedgehog. We thought we had seen him again as we left Strathaven on the Muirkirk Rd and stopped at the side of the road but it was another car.
It was a little chilly but a really nice fresh morning and we had both decided on shades as it was quite sunny at times. The roads were a little wet in places but unlike last week there were no signs of ice or frost. About 15 miles or so in we decided to turn back towards Strathaven. We headed for Chapelton and saw big Munzy heading in the opposite direction on his new winter steed, a black carbon number which looks like a stealth bomber. We stopped for a few minutes and had a blether. The big chap is looking in fine shape and has been getting the miles in, having been down in the forest of Ae yesterday with John Anderson and Anne Margaret and he even managed to spend all day in the saddle, much to the delight of his long suffering left elbow.
We said our goodbyes and the big man headed off on a planned 52 mile route. We decided to put a push on for the last 5 or 6 miles and managed to get our average speed up from 13.8 to 14.4 mph.
Really enjoyed getting a couple of hours in and Davy’s certainly getting used to his new road bike. Will be registering for the Scottish Bike Show Sportif tomorrow and looking forward to the UCI track meet in the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome next Sunday, so it will have to be a Saturday morning pedal next weekend. Hope to see a few of you then.