38.4 Miles Under the Belt

Having only been out on the bike once in the past five weeks this was going to be a sore one.

Last night we were sitting at 4 bodies in the peloton, myself, Stevie Potter, Andy and Gilly but an 11th hour phone call from Robbie brought the numbers up to 5. Robbie was fresh off a 12 hour night shift so Kudos to him!

The route today was going to be the Stewarton run, mainly because myself and a couple others were on time restraints, mine being due to Gail getting her haircut.

With an 8:45am start planned I got up early, had some breakfast and got kitted up. I was a head of schedule so decided to jump on the Tour de France bike for 15mins to loosen the legs.

15min spin to loosen legs before todays pedal
15min spin to loosen legs before todays pedal

It was a great day weatherwise for the pedal, dry albiet a little chilly at the off but the Eaglesham Moors soon helps to heat you up. Really enjoyed the ride today, it was good to get back out on the bike and even though I felt it in my legs on the climbs over the Moors I was happy with my performance. Not my best by any means, but pelased considering the lack of miles in my legs over the past 5 days.

Gilly took the honours over the Moors with a strong show of climbing, followed by Andy who was also looking strong. I managed to power into third place with Robbie and Stevie following in next, not that it was a race or anything.

We worked well together with ¼ mile turns on the front which gave Andy a good chance to experience some thru and off action. My legs started tiring a little on the way back and the rest dropped off the gas to allow me to regroup before working together again.

One incident we had was when white van man decided to hurl abuse at Robbie for eh…… cycling on the road! Robbie soon put him in his place! His grief was that we were cycling on the road and not in the cycle lane. Now a couple things here;

  1. Firstly it’s not law that you have to use the cycle lanes. A lot of the time they are strewn with broken glass and debris and riden with potholes
  2. Secondly, we had in fact been cycling in the cycle lane for the past mile, only pulling out into the road as we were turning right! How are we supposed to ride in the cycle lane then cut straight across two lanes of traffic to turn right?! Yes, the guy was a prize twat and to top it all off HE was in the wrong lane as he was going straight a head and the lane we were in and himself was for turning right!

We stopped off outside a fellow Warrior’s house, who we haven’t seen for nearly a year, for a selfie.

All smiles outside the Hockey Mansion on return from today's pedal
All smiles outside the Hockey Mansion on return from today’s pedal

Really enjoyed that today and have got the buzz back, which for some reason I seemed to have lost for a short while. As they say, “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!“.