38 Miler with Gilly

Last night saw myself and Gilly hit the road on what turned out to be a 38 miler.

pizz-hut-logo-smallBefore we start I’m going to be honest with you, I was toiling, it’s fair to say I was riding like a large Beef Sizzler pizza from Pizza Hut…….. quite ironic that considering that’s what I had for my lunch! That may well explain why I was not on my best form! Lol

It was a very tasty pizza I may add but maybe not the type of thing you should be eating hours before heading out on the bike! One maybe two slices might’ve been more appropriate and acceptable if any had to be consumed at all, but a full large pizza???!!!

Robbie had to pull out last minute so that left just Gilly and myself to hit the tarmac, not literally obviously. I nearly called off myself due to said pizza sitting uncomfortably in my stomach but I applied Rule #5:

Rule #5// Harden the F@ck Up.

It didn’t take long to realise that it was going to be a tough one this evening, as soon as I hit the Hamilton backroad bridge and began the steep climb my legs and lungs made me aware I wasn’t in for an easy ride! Worse was still to come as I hadn’t met Gilly yet!

Not going to bore you with all the details of every turn and street we covered as you can see for yourself in the stats below. Basically it was a case of Gilly horsing it up the climbs and me huffing and puffing up the climbs behind him!

The flat sections were a different story as I managed to plough on and help out on the front.

Although I was toiling Gilly made sure I wasn’t slacking and certainly put me through my paces! The wee man’s going well and looking very strong at the moment!

2,339 feet of climbing over a distance of 38.27 miles with an average speed of 16.2mph so it wasn’t all doom and gloom.