3rd Time Lucky!

2013 hasn’t started well for me cycling wise, I’ve been out on the road twice and suffered a puncture on both occasions! Indoor cycling, on the turbo trainer hasn’t been plain sailing either as I’ve suffered a mechanical both times!

On the first turbo session of 2013 and the first attempt at the 3LC Climbing DVD my rear tyre exploded 40 mins into the workout and only 10 mins remaining, then I snapped my rear mech hanger on my second attempt, this time only managing 20 seconds of the workout!

Surely it would be third time lucky? Tonight was the night that my third attempt was to take place, I really hoped it would be successful, not only for morale but for my wallet! The poor wee thing has been battered recently due to bike malfunctions!

Headed home from work and set up the bike on the Turbo, checking and adjusting the clamp to ensure that the frame wasn’t being squashed and that nothing was caught. I also checked how close the tyre was to the wheel on the turbo. All looked good so I got changed, popped in the 3LC Climbning DVD and off I went. Passed the 10 second mark successfully, so I had already made it further than my last attempt. Keeping a watchful eye on my rear derailleur and tyre I made it to the 10, 20, 30 then 40 min mark! I had now equaled my personal Best for this DVD……. could this be the one, could it………. yes, I successfully made it to the 50 min mark without breaking anything……. OK that’s a lie, I broke sweat!

Hopefully that’s my luck turned for the better!