40 Miler with Robbie

Stu & Robbie - Whitelee Warriors

With several members of the Warriors boarding the plane back from a weeks cycling in Mallorca it was left to Robbie and myself to wear the colours of the Warriors, well just me actually as Robbie opted for the red and white colours of the Confidis kit!

I’ve not been out much of late and the last time I was out I found it a right struggle, could’ve been something to do with the bottle of Buckie and couple of beers the night before……… maybe not. Lol

Anyway, back to the story in hand. Last night I kept off the Buckie and opted for a couple of Malt Whiskies, house measures you understand, but only two glasses all the same.

Decided on a 10am start, sorry, we were meeting at Robbie’s at 10am, which meant a 9:45am start for me. I set the alarm for 9am, got up, had brekkie and headed outside to gauge the temperature. The sun was shining but in East Kilbride that accounts for nothing as it can still be freezing with the sun out! It was chilly but had the potential to warm up so I opted for arm warmers and treat the world to my bare legs! Boy were the ladies in for a treat!

Not going to bore you with every single turn, but basically I met Robbie at Hairmyres and we headed over the Eaglesham Moors, onto the old A77 then swung a left and headed to Galston, Newmilns, Louden Hill then over Ardochrig and back into EK.

Have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed that today, the weather was great, even took my arm warmers off just before Louden Hill. First time this year cycling in Scotland in jersey and shorts! Great day in the saddle, felt stronger but still not in the shape I’d like to be but heading in the right direction.

Looking forward to catching up with the boys who were in Mallorca to hear all the stories before I set off to Spain on Friday for 4 days to celebrate turning 40 last month.