40 Miles in the Sun!

With  most of the boys away skiing in Austria for Ricky’s stag-do it was up to me and Scotty to rip the tarmac up and get the miles in.

I was particularly looking forward to this pedal as I missed out on my Wed cycle due to my bike being in the work for repair. Took it in on Monday for a service and the last thing I said to Stevie was to go easy on me! I knew I would need a new cassette and chain and had budgeted for that. What I hadn’t budgeted for was bottom bracket bearings needing replaced along with new wheelset as my rear wheel rim was damaged and the freehub was knackered! £250 worth and that was at trade!

The sun was out so I treated the world to a view of my sexy lycra clad legs! Sorry to the old dears and young girls that I must have emotionally and mentally scarred as I cycled past! Legs felt very tight and heavy as I left my house and headed for Langlands to meet Scott but they soon loosened off.

Met Scott at Langlands and he was only 5 mins late which is the earliest he’s been late for months! I wasn’t filled with confidence when Scott pulled his bike out of the van and admitted to me that he didn’t have a working back brake and that his gears were skipping!

We set off from Langlands and had to stop after only 500 metres as Scott’s bike was making some terrible noises! In a complete contrast my bike was silent, the quietest I’ve ever heard it! After a few wee tweaks and managing to dull the noises slightly we continued on our way heading towards Ardochrig for that lovely climb! To be fair the climb was a bit of a dream today on my smooth running silent bike!

From there we headed into Strathaven Common Green to pick up a couple of chocolate bars for later on. Scotty dug deep into his pockets and came out with two Mars bars as I had quite conveniently left my money in the house! We then headed out along Murkirk road and headed through Dungavel to the Dungavel Reservoir where Scott regularly fishes. We took a wee break here to replenish fluids and top up our sugar levels with Mars Bars.


We then set off re-tracing our footsteps, well wheel revolutions, heading back into Strathaven and back to East Kilbride via the back roads. You can see the full route by clicking on the map below.

We arrived back at Scott’s van at Langlands. At this point we had racked up 35 miles which was exceptional for Scott considering he was running on only a front brake and his gears were skipping all over the place! Due respect!

I then headed off towards Lindsayfield and down Stroud road to bring the mileage up to 40 miles, well 39.71 to be precise! All in all it was thoroughly enjoyable pedal with great conditions!

Hopefully manage a wee 25 miler on Wed then back out on  Sat for another 40 miler!