41 Solo Miles

Sitting in work nearing the end of my shift, the sun appears and the wind dies down, that was my decision made, I was heading out on the bike this evening.

Put a post out on Facebook but no takers so it was going to be a solo effort.

6pm duly arrived and off home I headed half thinking about not bothering to head out but I just couldn’t waste such a lovely evening.

Gail’s shattered so I thought I’d earn some brownie points and offered her a long lie tomorrow while I take Callum to his football with Jamie.

The thing with brownie points is that you can never get enough of them, and I’m running a little low so now’s a good time to top them up as you never know when you’ll need them! Only thing is Gail and I have different scoring systems, obviously mines more accurate and I can earn a lot more quicker with my scoring system so I’m sticking with my scoring system!

Anyway I changed into my cycling kit and headed out into the sunny evening. It makes a change being able to head out with just cycle shorts and a short sleeved jersey on. I did pop the arm warmers into my back pocket just in case.

I hit a good pace along the Queensway and swung a left at the Ford garage passing by Hairmyres, through Jackton and into Eaglesham. Still hitting a decent pace I crossed the lights and into the first climb of the day out of Eaglesham. It was a tough wee climb but not as bad as last time. I crested the second climb and still hitting a decent pace I continued up over the next three climbs and onto the A77.

At this point I was averaging 19.2mph, I was flying! Bang! I was now powering into a headwind on the A77 and on the lead wheel the whole time doing all the work as my alter ego wouldn’t take a turn on the front! This section was hard work on my own but I powered on then swung a right hitting a couple more climbs before coming onto Humbie Road and back into Eaglesham.

The question I was now asking myself was, do I do another loop or do I head back? Shame to waste such a lovely evening so off I went on another loop. As I approached the lights at the crossroads in Eaglesham they turned red so I slowed down, unclipped and stopped, then looked up to see the lights had already changed back to green. As I pushed off my left calf cramped up and I had to pedal with one leg to get across the road safely and out the way of the traffic! That must of been some sight to passers by!

After a quick stretch and an energy gel I opted to continue instead of heading back. Calf was a little tight but the combination of stretching and an energy helped prevent the calf from cramping up again.

I powered up and out of Eaglesham then up over the Moors at a faster pace than the first time. Again the A77 was tough going into the headwind but I powered on, swung a right, climbed a couple more hills then arrived on Humbie Road again.

From here I swung a right into Eaglesham then a left at the lights, the scene of the calf cramp first time round. Thankfully there was no repeat this time. I headed back through Jackton, into Hairmyres and and back onto the Queensway. I tired to push the pace to pick up the average speed but I didn’t have the reserves to pick the pace up having climbed the Moors twice solo!

I returned to my home clocking 41 miles with an average speed of 18.4 mph! Well chuffed with that as it was the same pace as last Sunday, but last Sunday I had Ian to share the load! Between that and taking the cramp into account I’m a very pleased with my performance.

Lovey night for it and cracking route on good roads.