5 Day Round Up

The last five days have seen me rack up 129.22 miles on the bike, bringing my total for the month to 280.04 miles!

Saturday 19th May
From having a squad of 7 out the previous Wed we were reduced to just 2 today, myself and Scott. Gilly was still suffering from the killer disease man flu! Don’t go there ladies as you just don’t get it!!

Ally and Davie hit the mountain bike trails while Ricky was suffering from the night before, the orange juice must have been off!

Anyway I had arranged to meet Scott at 9am…….. yip I know you’ve already guessed the next part……. Scott text me saying he was running late and would be there for 9.10am! Now there’s something new! Anyway he did eventually arrive at around 9.15am making the excuse that he stopped at the garage to get us a couple of chocolate bars! Poor excuse but I was taking the Mars Bar all the same!

Scott Arrives Late Yet Again!
Scott Arrives Late Yet Again!

We completed 38 miles with an average speed of 13.8mph doing the Wed night loop followed by Eaglesham and the Fords to name a few. Scott’s new cycle computer was a little off the pace as he registered 18 miles with an average speed of 6.5mph! Lazy bastard!

We stopped at the Ford to eat Scott’s bribe for being late and just as we were pulling up he somehow managed to jam his chain in between the frame and chainset! We had to loosen the bolts on the chainset to free the chain.

Scott Trying to Fix His Chain
Scott Trying to Fix His Chain

We both felt really good today and could have cycled all day!

Sunday 20th May
Chris text me on the Sat night to say that he was going to head out for a quick couple of hrs in the morning before we headed into the Beatson. I advised him that I’ll see how I feel as I was watching the Champions League Final while rattling a few Stella.

Felt fine in the morning so I headed off to meet Chris, Stevie and Alan at Muttonhole RD taking in the steep climb up over the Hamilton Bridge before I’d even warmed up! I arrived first shortly followed by Chris, Alan and Stevie.

Chris, Alan & Stevie Arrive
Chris, Alan & Stevie Arrive
Stevie & Alan
Chris, Stevie & Alan

The biggest shock of the day came when Alan arrived on his new bike! Yes you read that correct, Alan arrived on his new bike! Only had it for nearly three weeks and it’s the first time it’s seen daylight! The first thing Alan said when he arrived was “How do I change gears on this bike?

Alan then informed us that he wouldn’t be entering the Graeme Obree Sportive on 29th July, something to do with he’s checked the weather forecast and it’s supposed to rain that day so he didn’t want to get his new bike wet!

After showing Alan how to work the gears on his new bike we set off back to Hamilton and down Sydes Brae, much easier going down it than up! Chris and I rattled down Sydes Brae, under the dual carriageway and up into Blantyre to the traffic lights where we waited for Alan and Stevie, and we waited. After a couple of minutes waiting we turned round and headed back to the bottom of Sydes Brae in the hunt for the elusive Alan McKee! We were starting to get a little worried as we all know Alan’s track record for face planting the tarmac! Just as we reached the bottom of Sydes Brae Alan and Stevie arrived, Alan still hadn’t managed to work out how to use his gears properly!

We continued down into Cambuslang with continuous swearing coming from Alan every time we hit a hill and he had to change gear! From Cambuslang we crossed Glasgow Road at Taylor’s the Vets and headed up the steep climb up Cathkin Road past my work. It’s the first time I’ve climbed that hill since the day after I got my bike. On that day the hill nearly killed me, I had to get off and push the bike up and I felt physically sick! Today however, it was a breeze!

We headed down into Thorntonhall where we eventually got a smile from Alan as he saw the Massive houses, thinking he could make a bob or two selling Mortgages or insurance to the residents!

We headed back via Eaglesham and then Auldhouse stopping at the usual bus stop to say our goodbyes and make arrangements for our trip into the Beatson. I’ll leave the trip to the Beatson to a separate blog.

We racked up 25.63 miles with an average speed of 13.4 mph.

Commute to Work
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I completed the 15 mile round trip commute to work with some lovely weather to help me along the way. By the time today came my legs were starting to get heavy and are screaming out for a rest day! Think I’ll commute to work again tomorrow and give the legs the much sought after rest day on Friday.

Wednesday 23rd May – Evening Ride
Tonight we completed what is now become our traditional Wednesday 23 mile loop starting from my house. Having only arrived in the house minutes earlier slipping into my lycra Ian, Ally & Chris arrived. We set off on the usual loop hitting Ardochrig where my legs really started to feel the pace with my left calf threatening cramp at every pedal revolution! After we reached the top my legs were fine from then on, a little heavy but not bad considering I’ve abused them for the last 5 days!

We set a fairly decent pace round the 23 miles but came to an abrupt halt at the back of Langlands golf course as Chris managed to obtain the most bizarre inner tube malfunction any of us had seen. His valve had managed to detach itself from the inner tube yet the air remained in the tube! We were unable to release the air via the valve to remove the tyre so had to slash the inner tube with a knife to release the air.

Chris did most of the work with Ian offering a helping hand while I chipped in a little at various points. Ally adopted the role of Morale Support Officer as he stood and watched while encouraging us with every push of the pump!

Chris Fixing his Tyre with Morale Support Officer Ally Offering Encouragement
Chris Fixing his Tyre with Morale Support Officer Ally Offering Encouragement

After replacing the inner tube we set off for the usual bus stop where we went our separate ways home.

We covered 23.26 miles with an average speed of 14.8mph. Well done again to Ally who was on his hardtail!

That’s me now racked up 1,192.75 miles this year! That’s just over twice as many miles as I racked up the whole of last year and we’re only in month five!