6 Pack

With the Graeme Obree Sportive out the way attentions turned to the usual Wednesday night pedal which leaves mine at 6:45pm every week. The usual text message guaging numbers was sent out on the Tuesday with one confirmation and several declines!

On the Wednesday at work Chris & Ian came to visit and line my works pockets with money, and at the same time confirmed that they would be in attendance tonight. So we were now totalling a team of 4, well that was until Stevie phoned me around 5:30pm to confirm that he would be attending too, so we were now sitting at a decent group of 5 riders.

I headed home after my shift at work and got changed and got the bike prepared. One of the girl’s I used to go to school had got in contact with me via Facebook to see if it would be ok for her man Shaun to join us and obviously we offered a warm invitation to him.

Stevie was the first to arrive shortly followed by Ian (Iron Man) Hockey. It was at this point I noticed a cyclist at the end of the street looking up at the flats, I thought to myself, this must be Shaun. I shouted over and thankfully it turned out to be Shaun after all.

Chris arrived next with a special guest, birthday boy Gilly! We now had a healthy peloton of 6 riders, the largest number we’ve had for several months!

After introducing Shaun to the group we headed off on the usual Wed night route. The weather was dry but windy and it threatened rain but after Sunday’s boil in the bag incident with the waterproof jacket I opted for Chris’s method of base layer and jersey.

We set off at quite a fast paced and before long reached the steep climb of Ardochrig which proved to be a tough climb for myself, as Iron Man Hockey shot up the Rig like Willie Rosling racing to the energy gel stand!

After regrouping at the top of the Rig and taking on some fluids we set off on our merry way again.

After joining then leaving Strathaven road Gilly enquired if I had any gels on me as he was starting to cramp up a little in his calf’s. I duly handed over the little parcel of liquid gold and Gilly was a new man!

As we passed through Leaburn Chris fell victim to another puncture! After a few choice words the tyre was changed while the usual pics were taken for various blog posts. We were only stopped for around 5 mins but the midges made the most of the 5 mins and got tore into us!

Chris participating in what appears to be his favourite pastime these days, fixing punctures!

Once the puncture was repaired we set off again and literally got 500m down the road when the tyre went flat again! Chris was rightfully pissed off by this point as he now tallied 6 punctures in 3 rides! At this point he gave up and headed slowing back towards Strathaven road while we headed back with Stevie going to pick the car up and collect Chris on the way home.

We continued through Auldhouse and back to EK where we parted company at various locations.

All in all it was yet another great wee Wed night pedal with a peloton of 6 riders and a newbie Shaun. Welcome to the group Shaun and well done on you first outing with the Whitelee Warriors! Oh and a well done to Ian for continuing his runs of dry weather when out on rides with us, but only just!