65.5 Miles with Stevie & Ian

Was looking to get a good few miles under my belt today in preparation for the Pedal for Scotland 110 mile event 2 weeks tomorrow. While out on our usual Wed night pedal Stevie and I decided to head out on the Sat (today).

Text messages sent and the roll call looked like Me, Stevie and Ian fresh from an Aquathon the previous evening! The rest of the Warriors seemed to be doing a better disappearing act than the canoeist John Darwin!

The Darwins
Canoeist John Darwin’s disappearing act was not a patch on the disappearing act of most members of the Whitelee Warriors!

We opted for an 8.30am start and Ian arrived at mine first followed shortly by our navigator Stevie. As mentioned earlier, Ian was fresh from an Aquathon last night and had guests up from down south but opted to join us as Stevie had planned a route of around 40-50 miles………. or HAD he!

We set off and headed along the Strathaven Road into Strathaven and onto the Muirkirk Road and into Muirkirk itself. Although it was raining we enjoyed cruising along the smooth flowing road into Muirkirk, that would soon change into a bone ratling surface!

From Muirkirk we headed along the A70 Ayr Road, through Douglas, Uddingston and eventually into Lanark, then returning to Strathaven and back to East Kilbride.

At one point we stopped just in Carmichael as Stevie had planned to climb the big hill there, it was at that point that Ian realised that it wasn’t going to be a 40-50 mile pedal after all as we were minimum of 30+ miles from home! There was no chance that Ian was making it back for 11:30am as the time now sat at 11am!

All in all it was a great pedal and I felt stronger as the ride went on! After just 3 miles my legs were very heavy and I didn’t think I’d manage 10 miles never mind 65.5! The further we travelled the more they loosened off.

It was great still having the legs to climb hills after 50+ miles in the saddle without a cafe stop!

We managed to complete the 65.5 miles in one sitting with an average speed of 15.7mph! Well chuffed with that considering the route wasn’t a flat one and involved a fair amount of climbing! Check out the elevation profile below.

Only dodgy bit came in the heavy rain after we left Lanark and started a long decent on twisty roads where I hit a bend too fast and pulled a little too hard on the back brake and sent the rear wheel sliding out nearly send me flying across the tarmac! Thankfully I caught it just in time and managed to pull it back in, squeaky bum time never the less!

That’s me racked up 130.26 miles in the last 5 days!


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