99.62 Miles in 6 Days!

I’ve racked up a few miles in the last 6 days, 99.62 miles to be precise! I commuted to and from work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, went out for 23 miles on Wed night then banked a 35 miler on Sat.

Have really enjoyed the commute to work last week, unfortunately due to the bad weather it only lasted until Wed.

The commute to work went well on the Wed morning, starting to feel stronger on the climbs which is good. Left work at 6pm and began my commute home which was a toughie as my thighs were twinging after the previous days commuting. I arrived back at my house, popped an energy gel and then Gilly, Rick and Asbo appeared to head out for our usual mid week pedal.

It was a lovely evening and Gilly and I got a bit carried away at points on the road bikes forgetting that Ricky and Asbo were on the hardtails! At one point we were reminded about this as we tore along Strathaven road with me on the wheel followed by Gilly, Asbo and Ricky. I glanced at my Garmin and the speed read 19mph, at which point a shout from Rick stating “it’s not a race” emerged.

All in all it was a great wee pedal with great company on a lovely night. I thought the climb over Ardochrig would be a killer as my thighs had been sore on way home from commute, but the energy gel and Nectar Fuel in my water bottle worked wonders and bought me a fresh pair of legs!

23.15 miles with an average speed of 13.6mph

Saturday 12th May
Today’s group was down to 4, Me, Asbo, Gilly and Chris as Scott was working, Alan had to take his boy somewhere and Ricky and Davie opted to hit the trails and put their MTB through their paces.

Gily, Chris and Asbo arrived at mine around 8.45am to check out and try on the sample team kit I had got from Owayo. After trying on the kit we started off on our ride just after 9am. Due to time restrictions a 35-40 miler was planned.

We left mine and headed up the slip road and onto the Queensway swinging a left just before McDonalds and past Hairmyres Hospital and out past Jackton and onto Eaglesham. At the lights at Eaglesham we swung a right and then a left further on turning into Humbie Road. We then headed onto Neaton Mearns road then onto the A77 where we continued down to Fenwick.

We travelled through Fenwick taking a left half way through and headed onto the A719 joining back onto the A77 and back over the Eaglesham Moors and into East Kilbride again.

Asbo was having a little trouble with his back but did well to keep up with us. He dropped a little distance at points as he simply just couldn’t keep up with us on his hardtail. He never dropped too far tho which was a credit to his determination! We re-grouped at the bus stop across, and up a bit from Caldergeln High and Gilly offered Asbo a shot of Ruby! Asbo set off across the road, down the hill and back up, just a short distance but I think he loved how light she was! I wonder if a road bike will be on his shopping list now!

Another great pedal covering 34.38 miles with an average speed of 14.9mph and max speed of 39.8mph!

The previous evening I had watched several YouTube Videos on hill climbing and read numerous articles and it certainly paid off today. I had been climbing all wrong using too high a gear instead of spinning at around 80-95 RPM cadence. Having tried to keep a much higher cadence I found the climbing so much easier and felt a lot stronger at the end of the ride which showed while heading back home on the Queensway, just past the Town Centre when I decided to lead the Peloton home and was taring along at 19mph on a road that I usual struggle on due to the incline. It’s not a big incline, in fact it looks flat but you feel yourself slowing down and tiring as you go, or I do, but not today! Keeping in a lower gear but keeping the cadence up didn’t drop me any speed but certainly made it a lot easier on my legs!

I hope you enjoyed reading my account of the past 6 days. Sorry it wasn’t that interesting but that is solely down to the fact that Alan was NOT out with us on any of those rides so no incidents to report on!