A Cold and Windy Pedal over the Moors

With the Pedal for Scotland 110 mile sportive out the way, which reminds me I still need to write a blog post on it, normal services were resumed last night as Stevie Potter and myself took to the road again on our usual Wed night pedal.

It was clear that the winter was back as the peloton numbered just two! To be fair Gilly is recovering from an achillies injury from the Pedal for Scotland event, Chris’s wife was working, Ian was preparing a birthday meal for Tamara, John was doing some virtual riding in the Uni gym (take from that what you please Lol) and well the rest were just awol.

As I left work and arrived home the sun was shining, I know that’s hard to believe but honestly it was! There was a wee bit of heat in the air so I opted for bibshorts over bibtights with cycle jersey, gilet and arm warmers.

Stevie duly arrived and we set off for the Moors and the temperature dropped very quickly as we got battered by the strong headwinds. We plodded on into the headwind through Jackton and into Eaglesham where we crested the first climb out of Eaglesham through the crossroads. This is a climb that I usually find tough but tonight I felt strong and was still freely talking by the top. We progressed over the next three climbs which again Stevie and I climbed with ease, into the strong headwind I may add. As we climbed higher into the Moors the more exposed we became and the more we got battered by the wind, but thankfully the rain had decided to cut us some slack.

It was now dark and the decision to take lights was a wise one! Switching our lights on I realised that I’d forgotten to attach my rear red light, this was a disaster because it meant I’d need to ride on the front while Stevie sat on my wheel providing visibility for approaching traffic!

We turned right at the top of the Moors and headed along the A77 into Newton Mearns where Stevie’s battery died on his light. Bloody Chinese imports! We stopped and I gave him my main light which was on my handlebars as I had another light on my helmet which was sufficient enough. With us both having light again we carried on into Eaglesham, Jackton and into Lindsayfield, then along Stroud road and back to where we’d started. 26 miles in the cold and being battered by the wind but I loved it!

Looks like it’s time to dig out the winter gear again!

Looking forward to the 5 Ferries challenge this Sat where apparently there’s supposed to be a heatwave, followed by our end of season BBQ at the Hockey Mansion.

Was pleased with the 26 miles, and felt strong on the climbs…… that Carmichael Hill during the Pedal for Scotland must have been good for me after all! Lol


2 thoughts on “A Cold and Windy Pedal over the Moors

  1. Gilly says:

    Make your mind up Stu. Was it 36 or 26 miles? Will be back out with you as soon as I am fit again, which will hopefully be soon.

    1. Stu says:

      Lol bro. That was a test to see if you were reading my blogs! 26miles that felt like 36 lol

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