A Couple Of Short Spins


Wednesday 11th January.

Being pleased with the start to this year, 128 miles by the 9th of January, I wanted to keep getting the miles in so I didn’t decline an invitation from Alan McKee to head down the gym on Wednesday night.  Doh! Luckily ? there were 2 bikes next to each other and we got started on our hour session. We kept the cadence pretty high, between 90 and 110, were soon sweating and the hour went in a lot quicker than if you had been on your own. 26 miles completed, according to the computer and  only a small trickle of blood from my bleeding ears, result. Alan had completed 26.4 miles but he was on his “favourite” bike and almost had a fit when I went to sit on it first. That OCD can be a real bastard at times for its sufferers.

Alan then suggested doing some sit ups and crunches (I think it’s part of his routine and routines are important apparently). He told me to take my shoes off and I felt as if I was being groomed. I really started panicking when he asked me if I fancied using the big vibrator. Thankfully it was a Power Plate and a few minutes later it was off to the steam room and Jacuzzi for a wee bit of post session relaxation.

Friday 13th January.

Ricky had hoped to join us for a pedal but couldn’t get finished in time and Andy Bennett had headed out in the morning. Speaking to him en route to meet his mate John it was a bit icy, hope they got their pedal in and returned in one piece, the last thing wee John needs is another tumble.  Alan appeared sans his usual mount, his mtb, but with a shiny black Allan carbon fibre road bike which he has had for about 14 years but which hadn’t seen our potholed roads for a while as he didn’t want to damage a nice set of wheels which he had bought for it.  We duly  set off in the direction of the windy city, EK, and Alan took the front, wtf!! Another uncoiled spring, is this phenomenon contagious? If so I hope I catch it next.

We headed over the hill and down through the wee bridge at St Leonards, up the Stroud Road, down Greenhills Road and up to Eaglesham Cross.

After a quick photo, to prove that we’d travelled as far as the southerly metropolis that is Eaglesham, we headed along Strathaven Road and turned left into Millhall Road towards Auldhouse.

Some of the roads were a bit icy and Alan showed some nice bike handling skills when climbing a steep wee hill near Auldhouse. His road bike, obviously missing a bit of match sharpness having been confined to barracks for so long, a bit like his wallet to be honest, skidded on some black ice and he did well to hold it as he snaked up the hill just in front of me. We pressed on, it was a lovely afternoon, if a little cold and I cycled in the wind as there was a distinct smell of shite about (this may have been from the byre we had just passed although Alan did get quite a fright on that hill).

It was then onto that lovely wee ribbon of new tarmac that is Millwell Road, before the quick right onto the scary A726 and up the wee hill and left towards Chapelton where the roads were a little more icy again. On the last hill up to Brown’s soils I shouted to Alan that there was ice about on the road roughly 5 seconds before I heard an aaaargghhh and looked round to see him doing another “No I didn’ fall I’m trying to break a chocolate bar in my  back pocket” impression. Putting the feeling of déjà vu to the back of my mind( which isn’t a long trip for it to be fair) I turned back to check he was ok. Apart from a bit of road rash he was fine and the bike wasn’t too bad although both parties had lost a little of the covering from their respective saddles.

We made it home without further incident. Alan came in for a coffee, from my new coffee machine and then headed home.

23 miles done in 1 hour 40 mins. Average speed 13.8 mph.

A nice wee run to keep the legs going. Good to read and hear that everyone is getting the miles in. Hope to get out with you all again soon.