A Day of PB’s

With the sun shining this morning there was no way I was taking the car to work, the bike was my chosen chariot. After all who knows when that orange glowing ball in the sky will make its next appearance!

Felt strong on the commute into work recording an average speed of 16.6mph over the 7.16 mile course. Smashed a minute off my PB so was well chuffed!

On the way home the sun had disappeared and the clouds had gathered. I opted for the gilet but decides to leave the arm warmers off. It may have been overcast but it was still warm and I could have done without the gilet.

The commute home went very well as I averaged 18mph over the 6.81 mile course smashing my previous PB by just under a minute!

So a good day at the office, or should I say commute to and from the office!

In the best shape I’ve been for years and loving it!