A Day to Forget

With the weather being shitty I hadn’t make any arrangements for a pedal today and just left it on an ad-hoc basis. Callum’s football and rugby is finished for the Christmas holidays so it was a rare chance for a long lie, another reason why I never made any arrangements. That long lie that was overdue was a great long lie, ended up getting out of bed about 11am!!! A quick glance out the window offered a potential for a ride as a small ray of sun could be seen in the distance. OK it was just a small ray but it was a ray all the same.

It was decided, I would head out on for a pedal, Gail and the boys were going to the Glasgow Warriors rugby match anyway so that left me free to do what I wanted, well, within reason! Lol A quick text was sent and the usual replies, or lack of replies resulted in it being a solo ride. To be fair it was a bit short notice.

Garmin VIRB EliteToday would also see the debut of my Garmin VIRB Elite camera, purchased from Amazon on their Black Friday deal for a crazily low price. After a bit of fiddling about my Garmin VIRB Elite was setup and ready to go.

Just as I opened the door to step out and get my bike out the shed I was met with an absolute downpour! OK I’ll leave it 5 mins and let it pass. Sure enough it did pass so off I set.

My plan was to head up over Ardochrig, the old Wednesday route, a route I haven’t done for a wee while. I’ve been climbing really well lately and wanted to see how I faired over the Rig. As I left my house things just didn’t seem right, my legs were heavy and I just didn’t feel right, but this is not uncommon to me in the first few miles so I carried on.

The feeling of heavy legs was soon met with my chest playing up, I suffer from asthma but it doesn’t usually bother me unless it’s extremely cold or extremely warm, the latter I never really need to worry about! A couple puffs of my inhaler resulted in no difference to my chest, usually my chest eases off straight away but this time it was different. Regardless I carried on past the Sainsbury’s depot and onto the foot of Ardochrig.

My legs were getting heavier, my chest wasn’t easing up and I just didn’t feel right. As I continued onto the lower slopes of the rig, the so called easier section I had nothing in the tank and made the desicion to turn round and head back. Not a decision I took lightly and was angry at myself but I need to be careful with my asthma and with Christmas just around the corner the angry but sensible head was on. Thankfully the back roads were quiet as I was shouting at myself, I was disappointed, I never even got to the proper part of the climb and I was climbing so well in previous rides.

As I returned to the T-junction I swung a left and decided to head back through Auldhouse to add a couple more miles onto the route to make the distance semi respectable, this was the flat part with the exception of one climb into Auldhouse itself.

Arriving back at Langlands industrial estate my legs felt a little better so I took the decision to swing a right and head back to the foot of Ardochrig and carry along Millwell road onto Strathaven road and back home. Every wee incline took it’s toll on me and I was glad to arrive back home, some measly 14 miles later.

Really don’t know what went on out there today. I was disappointed but hey ho you get days like that. Maybe I should’ve had some breakfast before I left, though that wouldn’t have made a difference to my chest. Anyway time to put that one to bed, write it off and move on, no point dwelling on it.

So the ride was a disaster but it was the debut of my Garmin VIRB camera so it wasn’t a complete waste of time, or was it?! Turns out the memory card I used, which was taken out my mobile, was corrupt and the video wouldn’t play!

A complete disaster of a day! Lol