A little bit of sunshine

A little bit of sunshine.

My wife (Karen) had informed me that she was taking the kids out for a few hours to jiggy wrigglers so I had two hours give or take to hit the road. My plan was to head to the prison out past strathaven.

On digging out my cycling apparel I decided to leave the winter bib leggings and heavy jaket in the cupboard and go for 2 summer tops. But not beeing completely daft stuck with a hat gloves and buff.

On leaving Stewartfield the sun was high in the sky. Not the warmest of rays but felt nice. Once onto the queens way I could feel the chill in the wind and headed into it.

On approaching chapelton the hail started. Very small hard ball bearings of ice blowing into my face. I was in pain but plodded onto strathaven where the hail stopped.

Once onto the back road from strathaven to the prison I was once again exposed to the elements, wind and some sun. On approaching the prison I checked my computer and was surpried by my time and made the decision to push onto the boundary as I may just have enough time do squeeze it in but it will be a race back.

The climbs through the trees felt good and I reach the Ayrshire boundary stopped dug into my pocket to see what I had packed away to eat. After a very chewy energy bar I doubled back on my self.

Things did not go to plan. I did not expect such a strong head wind all the way back to strathaven. I was on the drops trying to stop myself getting pushed back to Ayrshire and my legs were starting to shout at me. On a few occasions I felt the bike getting blown from under me and made me kak my pants.

Strathaven to ek was a bit more favourable with a side wind but once on the queensway I had a strong tail wind and I put the hammer down to make up my ave speed.

40miles in 2.15hours with an ave speed of 17.5mph