A Sunny 51 Miler

With Gilly, Stevie Potter, Alan “Bin Laden” McKee away to Mallorca for some warm weather training it was left to those left behind to fly the flag for the Warriors on home turf.

Now we’re usually used to high winds and heavy rain and hailstones so as you can imagine we were thrown right out our comfort zone with a freak three whole days of sunshine! Three days of sunshine in a row in Scotland is virtually unheard of and something I fear we may never see again! I was just so glad by 3yr old and 8yr old got to see that big yellow ball in the sky in their lifetime, something that out neighbours across the border take for granted!

So there we were forced out our comfort zone and subjected the general public to our milk bottle white legs and arms! To be fair, due to not wanting to emotionally scar the public we headed out early!

Chris was heading to Sanquar to his in-laws to eat them out of house and home so Willie and I decided to accompany him part of the way. Can’t beat having decent company……. eh Chris?

Willie arrived at mine for 8:45am and with my breakfast still swirling around my belly we headed over the back roads taking in a short and sharp climb before the muscles had even warmed up! I quickly regretted not getting up that little bit earlier to allow time for my breakfast to digest properly before partaking in a little exercise!

Muttonhole road was the meet up point with Chris and he duly arrived sporting his New Whitelee Warriors gilet, and looking very smart I may add! Chris and Willie were sporting the Whitelee Warriors kit while I opted for my 3LC kit.

The day started a little on the cooler side but quickly heated up as the sun emerged and climb after climb was conquered. The three Amigos set off into the sunset…… ok it wasn’t quite as glamorous as that! We headed through Chapelton and into Strathaven before leaving the big smoke and heading for the Countryside, complete with the aroma of freshly sprayed cow pat and horse manure! Just what the lungs needed!

We made our way along Muirkirk road past the detention centre on what is now a lovely smooth rolling road, albeit into a headwind as per the norm for that stretch. Pulling into the layby just before the end of Muirkirk road we stopped for a quick chat before waving Chris on his way. Willie and I decided not to run the gauntlet in the deepest depths of Ayrshire stick out like sore thumbs not being locals…… i.e having the correct number of limbs etc……. Chris on the other had originates from Ayshire but managed to escape before the deformities take shape!

Before heading back we had time for a quick selfie!

Selfie Sunday
Selfie Sunday

With Chris’s belly starting to rumble he set off in the direction of Sanquar while Willie and I headed back along Muirkirk road swinging a left and headed for Loudon Hill, over Ardochrig then back home racking up 51 miles with 3,323ft of climbing and an average speed of 15.7mph

All in all it was a great day in the saddle. I felt pretty good and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine for a change.

With the 51 miler out the way it was time to make the most of the bank holiday and the sunny weather and that came in the shape of a BBQ and a couple *cough *cough beers.

Guilt Free Beer!
Guilt Free Beer!

With the Etape Caledonia two weeks this Sunday I’m in good shape for it and hopefully this can continue!

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