A Wet One!

With the heavy downpour and winds, last night was a night athletes and idiots to go out cycling……….. sadly we fell into the later category!

The roll call was down to three, me, Ally and Chris, the hardened or stupidest of the bunch! Lol

Willie let his decision until 6pm and then bailed due to the adverse weather conditions, so it was up to the loyal trio to fly the flag for the Warriors!

As it was Wednesday it was the usual 23 mile loop leaving mine, up over Ardochrig and into Strathaven and back through Auldhouse.

Ally hadn’t been out for nearly a month and wasn’t looking forward to the climb over Ardochrig but he tackled it well and didn’t suffer as much as he though he would!

We got absolutely drenched! My waterproof socks were of no use in these conditions as the water poured down my legs and into the top of my socks. And because they were waterproof socks they didn’t let the water out resulting in two lovely big puddles in the bottom of my socks which got bigger as the night progressed! I literally had to pour the water out when I got back home!

Had one squeaky bum moment in Strathaven when I cycled over a covered man hole and the bike slipped and snaked and I just managed to stay upright when I was sure I was destined to get up close and personal with the tarmac!

Despite the rain it was an enjoyable pedal! See what happens when Ian doesn’t come out to play!