A Windy 15 Miles

The plan for last night was to jump on the TDF Bike and do the 3LC Time Trial DVD, and in hindsight I should’ve stuck to that plan!

As I say, that was the plan until my journey home from work in the car. With Smooth FM filling the car with relaxing music I glanced at the outside temperature gauge and was shocked to see it read 8°c. The past few days have been, as we in Scotland like to call it, Baltic, so 8°c was tropical.

So, feeling chilled out and with an inner glow thanks to the temperature gauge I decided not to waste the mild evening and opted to head out on the bike. It was to be a solo ride since it was a last minute decision.

I arrived home, got kitted up and got the bike ready to head out. Deciding to keep to the main roads I opted for a 15 mile route.

Very shortly after heading out I realised that I had misinterpreted the strength of the wind! Boy was it a hard fought battle in the wind, which funnily enough happened to be in my face during every incline! There was however a little respite at times when the wind was behind me but that was on rare occasions.

Despite the slog into the wind and nearly getting blown off the bike on three occasions, I thoroughly enjoyed the solo ride. That’s me been out on the bike 3 times in the past 4 days so I think it’s fair to say my cycling mojo is definitely back!!!