Absolutely Buzzing!

At this moment in time I’m really enjoying my cycling and absolutely buzzing! Why am I absolutely buzzing I hear you ask, well sit back while I tell you.

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have a 10 mile loop that I call Stu’s 10 Mile TT Route. It’s a relatively flat route and one that is used when I only have half an hour or so to spare.

My goal this year was to try and average 20mph over the course. My best time was back in June 2015 where I managed 19.7mph average in 31 mins and 18 secs. The magical 20mph average has eluded me, well that was up untill last Thursday (9th June) when I decided to head out last minute at 20:41

I SMASHED IT! I put in my best performance ever, nearly a year to the day of my previous PB, and rattled in a 20.1mph average smashing 40 seconds off my previous PB (30 mins and 18 secs)! I was, and am still, absolutely buzzing! I really had to dig deep at the end and as you can see from the photo below I emptied the tank!

Estatic and totally drained at the same time!
Estatic and totally drained at the same time!

Along the way I managed to smash two Strava segment PB’s along with a PB for the highest heart rate! Lol

Avg Max
Speed 20.1mi/h 32.7mi/h
Elapsed Time 31:19

So the problem I now have is I’ve got to go out and smash the 20.1mph average now!!!!