Ally Menzies makes his Debut

Saturday saw us hit the road again, this time with a respectable peloton of 5 riders, one of whom was making his Warriors debut, Ally Menzies.

Having recently bought his first road bike, a stunning Felt, Ally had hidden away while getting used to his new machine before gracing us with his presence.

The Peloton would consist of myself, Gilly, Stevie P, Chris and Ally. Gilly was the route master for the day and had planned a 50 miler without cafe stop as several of us needed to be back early in the afternoon. To be fair I quite enjoy the no stop rides.

Stevie and Ally arrived at mine for 8:45 before we set off to meet Chris and Gilly at Muttonhole Road at 9am. As we left my street we bumped into Peter Murdoch and he joined us as we crossed the Hamilton back road bridge and up the tough first climb of the day. Well to be fair the climb wasn’t tough for us all. I was up front with Peter and as I was blowing out my arse and struggling to speak he was the complete oposite and wouldn’t shut up! Kept asking me questions! Lol Peter made that climb look effortless and the reason became clear as he enlightened me that he was now riding for the KTM racing Team!

We said our goodbyes and Peter shot off into the distance while we continued onto Muttonhole Road to meet Gilly and Chris. As we turned onto Muttonhole Road Gilly and Chris were no where to be seen so we pulled in. At that point we saw two riders in the distance which was Gilly and Chris. They’d continued past the meeting point then turned round. As we set off to meet up with them they turned round and headed off again!

Eventually catching up with them and introducing our latest recruit we set off on our ride, which was planned by Gilly.

The route would see us head onto Strathaven road and into Eaglesham where we tackled the Moors. On route to Eaglesham we were powering along doing thru and off, I was sitting behind Gilly when a black object dismounted from his bike and bounced on the deck. That object turned out to be his Garmin! Gilly was going that fast that even his Garmin couldn’t keep up!

After a quick search the device was located and off we headed on our travels. With the Moors out the way we swung a left onto the A77 then swung another left onto the A719 into Galston then into Newmilns. While in Newmilns we were met by an arsehole driver who was held up by us for all of 20 seconds due to us overtaking a parked car. His retaliation was to rev his car in 1st gear and scream past us with mm to spare, which as you can imagine was met with a barrage of explicit vocabulary and hand gestures! Really starting to think seriously about investing in a sports camera to record these incidents!

At this point Chris and Ally were starting to struggle a little and it was decided that Stevie, Gilly and myself would pull in and give them a 5 min start before hunting them down on the climb. Off they set and on the 5 min mark we set off pacing ourselves and working together to close them down. We made mince meat of the Loudon climb and rounded the corer to find the two of them pulled over outside my wife’s work. Ally had suffered a puncture!

Ally Suffers a Rear Wheel Puncture
Ally Suffers a Rear Wheel Puncture

With all hands on deck we got the puncture fixed and set off again heading for Darvel, Strathaven, Chapelton then back onto Muttonhole Road where we headed our seperate ways, with Gilly and Chris swining a right into Hamilton and the rest of us swinging a left and heading back to EK and my house.

An enjoyable 53 miles, even Ally enjoyed it despite his face telling a different story! Lol

Great effort by all, especially Ally on his first of hopefully many outings with us. Really loving my New Shimano Ultegra Di2 Bike!

My New Bike with Stevie P's Wheels to try them out
My New Bike with Stevie P’s Wheels to try them out