An Ignominious & Disappointing Start To My 2013 Cycling Season

Happy New Year to all my fellow Warriors. Having been slightly under the weather for the last wee while I was looking forward to meeting up with the lads and getting back on the bike. Stu had advised that we should have a healthy turnout with 7 Warriors up for a wee pedal. I got a text from Shaun in the morning calling off unwell so we were down to 6.

My first disappointment of the day came in the shape of a flat rear tyre. Having had 2 rear wheel punctures in my last 2 outings I feared the worst, phoned Stu to tell him and removed the wheel and inner tube.
The tube, when inflated, appeared to be intact, so I replaced it. While reconnecting the rear brake cable I noticed that one of the brake blocks was rubbing / jamming on. Could this have been the reason for my 2 poor performances recently, which I blamed on Stevie Potter’s route selections? Should I read anything into these little setbacks, is someone trying to tell me something? Ignoring any omens I fixed the brakes and headed off to meet the lads who had declined my kind offer of meeting them at the end of Muttonhole Rd. Apparently Willie was having a bit of bother with one of his tyres, so hopefully I hadn’t held them up too much.

My nemesis, the south westerly headwind which always illicits sweary words ( there goes another New Year’s resolution), was the next wee source of frustration as I crawled towards Calderglen park.

It was good to see the lads, Stu, Davy Mullin, Stevie Haining, Willie Rosling and Stevie Potter and wish them all a Happy New Year. I apologised for holding them up and we set off for the Rig. I quite quickly realised that there wasn’t a great deal in the tank as I fell behind within minutes of leaving the park. By the time we had reached Millwell Rd I had come to the conclusion that the bug which had confined me to bed for 3 days from Boxing Day onwards had not fully left me. I advised big Stu, who had dropped back to see how I was getting on and who had also intimated that he was feeling slightly below par after the excesses of Xmas, that I was feeling sh*t and was going to head home via Chapelton rather than risk making myself any worse. Feeling empty, we parted ways and I made my way home while the lads headed up and over the Rig. A headache kicked in on my way home, but hopefully I will be on the mend soon and back out with the lads and able to keep up with the pace.

Pros from today’s cycle would be that the new merino wool top and neoprene shoe covers which Santa delivered worked well on their debut outing, unlike their owner and it was good to see the lads again, if only briefly. I also managed to get my blog on before big Stu which is no mean feat in itself.

The cons are obvious disappointment at having to abandon, for holding the guys up and the realisation that this f’ing bug has not totally buggered off to annoy someone else. I hope you had a good one lads and hope that 2013 is another great year for the Warriors.