Andy’s Blog (correction)

For the record, the blog entitled Andy’s Blog is not Andy’s Blog. This was, in fact, Gilly instructing Andy how to make up a blog which Andy has never previously done (until now). The more astute will have spotted that the Blog is actually previously blogged info and images which makes little sense since Andy wasn’t actually on this ride. Anyone who has got this far will have experienced a small piece of history first hand since this message is actually Andy’s first ever blog (assuming I can find how to enter it onto the site). Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience caused but Gilly was supposed to have binned the faux blog before it got onto site. Assuming this makes it, I now know both how to text and blog. Next month Gilly hopes to explain what a tweet is and I may decide whether I wish to add this to my skill set. Happy pedalling boys, Andy