Annual Visit to Spice

It was that time of the year again, the main event of the year, the event that everyone wants to attend, a night not to be forgotten, yet a night rarely remembered, the Warriors Xmas night out at Spice!

For some reason or another the roll call for Curry and Bevvy way exceeded the roll call for training rides these days!

As per the norm the meeting place was the famous Monty in the village. With the table booked at Spice for 7pm the plan was to meet in the Monty from 5:30pm, and again like the norm I was the first one there!

The memo the previous day, which I sent out, stated that there would be a Champagne reception at the Monty on arrival followed by a 7 course banquet in Spice afterwards. For the not so classy members of the group the Champagne would be swapped out with Buckfast………. all of a sudden we had NO classy members in our group! Lol

Being the first to arrive I acquired a small booth in the room at the back of the pub. Slowly but surely, in dribs and drabs, the rest of the group arrived, with the exception of Ian who opted to meet us in Spice.

On arrival Chris asked where the end of season trophies were? I told him that I had cleared up and won all the trophies so didn’t see the point in carrying them all down to the pub just to take them all home again! Strangely he seemed happy and reassured with my reply!

A few drinks were sunk and it was at this point I thought Shaun had turned gay on us as he ordered a Soda Water and Lime! Turns out he was driving…… but still, Soda Water and Lime? What’s up with big boy juice like full fat Irn Bru?

Anyway, with Shaun on the soft drinks it screwed up the betting card for who would be the first to get drunk! The two odds on favourites were out the game, Shaun being on the soft drinks and John Stewart not attending.

With the big hand at 12 and the little hand a 7 it was time to move on to Spice where we were greeted with a warm welcome as always from Abby, his boy and his staff. We gathered in the bar area and had a drink before making our way through to the restaurant to be fed. Ally’s big brother Dougie was making an appearance but was running a little late as he was dropping his wife off in town, so Ally used modern day technology and took a photo of the menu and sent it to him so that he could place his order!

Once again the food was up to a very high standard and we were well looked after. Dougie did eventually arrive and made short work of demolishing his dish! Gary Warren, who’d been out with the boys from his golf club, also made a surprise appearance, opting to skip the food and have a liquid meal instead……. and a cheeky wee sleep on the curtain beside the table! Lol

With our bellies full we headed back through to the bar to get the place bouncing while belting out some karaoke classics! I was asked to get the party started and can’t think of a better tune than Penny Arcade! And so the party was started…….

It has become part of the ritual that all newcomers to the group must sing a song on the karaoke as part of their initiation, which Andy dually did and is now fully fledged Warrior! Sadly Hugh was unable to make the night out as car troubles at the 11th hour ruled him out so he’s still got his initiation to do.

A great night was had by all and around 12:30am the night at Spice drew to an end. Ally Menzies headed into town with Andy Grant who arrived down for a beer while the rest that were left headed home. Andy and myself, the party animals, headed to the dancing for another couple of beers before calling it a night and heading for a taxi.

My night wasn’t entirely over as I headed to Asbo’s for a night cap before heading home around 3:30am!

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