Another 40 Mile Cycle Under my Belt

ASBO was chomping at the bit to get some decent miles on the bike this weekend as he was on call last Sun and missed the 40 miler, so we decided we’d repeat the route for him today.

Roll call didn’t go to plan as Ricky was suffering from the cold and bailed, Davie also had the sniffles, Gilly had a football match and Scotty well he just bailed! Scotty and Davie said they’d make a decision in the morning but I think they had made their decision last night as I sent them a text this morning and got no reply! So that left just the Russell brothers to step up to the plate and run the show.

ASBO arrived just before 9am and we set about fitting his new slick, grippy, go faster pedals onto his bike. After fitting them and giving ASBO a quick run down of the route we set off into the distance leaving the comfort and warmth of my house behind. ASBO really needs to buy himself a waterproof jacket! I was worried that he’d get soaked and end up freezing but thankfully the rain never really came to anything.

We followed last weeks route by heading up Strathaven Road and swung a right onto Millwell Road and started the long climb up Ardochrig. From the top of Ardochrig we continued straight on taking in the A71, Darvel, Newmilns, Galston, Loudon, A719, then hitting the Russian Capital Moscow, Waterside, Kingswell, Eaglesham then back into East Kilbride.

All in all it was another great day and ASBO really dug deep and I was well impressed with his performance. He’s feeling a lot more confident about completing the 65 miles in April.

Felt strong again on the climbs and completed the 40miles in 2hr 56 mins with an average speed of 13.6mph. Felt I could have increased that average speed but was happy all the same.

With just just 9 weeks until the event I’m very happy with my progress, my fitness and strength is building up nicely.