Another 42 Miles Banked

Things were looking up as I managed to get 4 willing volunteers for a pedal on Saturday, well 3 if you don’t include myself who’s always willing……… steady! For 10mins or so we nearly had Davie aboard but that was short lived as he pulled out.

We agreed that the meet up time would be 10am, giving us all a long lie as technically it was still the Christmas holidays for some of us! Not me as I was back on Friday, just for one day to break me in gently before doing a full week!

Stevie arrived first and I headed over to his car for a chat while he got kitted up. 10:02am and Gilly and Chris rounded the corner, Chris on his new Christmas BMX! OK it wasn’t a BMX but an older mountain bike. Now that was hardcore considering the hilly route that was planned!

New Year wishes were exchanged and after a brief discussion the route was decided, it was to be the usual Wednesday night route as Gilly and Chris were on a time restraint, both needing to be back for noon. The plan was to do a loop of the Eaglesham Moors then Gilly and Chris would split off and head back while Stevie and I thrashed out another loop.

It was a cold morning, the road was damp but the rain for the moment was kept at bay but was threatening to burst the clouds at any point!

Heading off on the usual route which I’m not going to bore you with the details of every turn and every street we took, you can see it for yourself on the map below. MTB’er Chris had taken the lead at the start to set the pace which was nice and relaxed until Stevie took to the front to up the ante a little. Before long we were at the foot of the Eaglesham Moors with 4 tough climbs awaiting us. Off we set leaving Eaglesham behind and one after another the four climbs were dealt with. Gilly and Chris dropped off a little on the climbs but considering they haven’t been out much did very well. Felt strong myself and Stevie Potter was climbing very well, the best I’ve seen him climb for a long time, looks like he’s finally getting back to his peak after his car crash.

At the top of the fourth and final climb Chris and Gilly decided to head back to ensure they wouldn’t feel the wrath of their respective others! We said our goodbye’s and set off in opposite directions.

Stevie and I continued the usual route back into Eaglesham and on the second loop we decided to take the earlier climb onto the Moors. This road basically ran parallel to the road we usually take and meets at the foot of the first climb over the Moors. I felt that it was a tougher climb, Stevie don’t think it was much harder. My thoughts could’ve been down to the fact it was poker straight and just looked longer and steeper. One thing I will say is that it’s a much smoother surface!

All was going well on the second lap until around 10 miles from home, just before Caulders Garden Centre where I felt a bit of bounce in my rear wheel. Shouting to Stevie we pulled in and upon inspection confirmed my suspicions, I’d gained the first puncture of 2014! The sidewall of the tyre had split from the wire beading making it an interesting 10 miles home. We changed the tube and managed an emergency repair with a gel wrapper. On inflating the new inner tube it started to bulge out the hole on the side wall despite our efforts and blocking it off with an empty gel wrapper! We let the tyre down a little to remove the protruding bulge.

The last 10 miles were interesting as I tried to keep as much weight off the rear wheel as possible, avoiding potholes and loose stones, keeping the speed down as not to enforce a high speed blowout. All was well as we cruised into my street with my tyre still in one piece….. just!

The Offending Article Ready to Blow!

That’s me banked 84.77 miles already this year with many more miles to come hopefully.

Turbo Sessions with the @3LC guys start Monday so looking forward to that, then it’s back to the usual Wed night pedal with probably the usual Wed night riders………

Garmin stats from today’s ride: