April 2014 Mallorca Training Camp

Just had a look at some villas near Puerto Pollensa for a spring training camp in April 2014. I went there last October. The cycling is fantastic. The cost breaks down as follows :-
Flights released by Easyjet next month would be around £100
Carbon bike hire for 6 days £110
Villa cost £110 roughly if we can get 6 Warriors interested
People carrier hire for a week roughly £50

Total £370 for a quality warm weather 370 miles. Do the maths lads. £1 per warm weather mile. You know you want to. So far Stu Russell, Stevie P, Alan McKee and myself have shown a bit of interest. Anyone else fancy it? Here is the villa link.

Link to Villa

Here is the bike shop link :-
Pro Cycle Hire

Cheers Gilly