After last weeks episode with the exploding tyre on the turbo trainer it was time to try again. I had ordered a turbo trainer tyre from eBay on the Sunday night and it duly arrived on Monday. Having put the turbo tyre on my spare wheel I was all set to go, so I got the turbo out, got the bike out of the shed, swapped the wheel over and set the bike up on the turbo.

Having not been able to complete my 3LC Climbing DVD last week due to the exploding tyre 10 mins from the end I was determined to complete it this time. All checks done I was ready to go, inserted the DVD into the DVD player and jumped on the bike…….. 10 seconds and 6 pedal revolutions later I heard a big crunch and looked down to see my rear derailleur wrapped around the rear wheel Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh!

On further investigation I discovered that my mech hanger had snapped! Looks like the derailleur is ok, just need to get a new mech hanger and get Stevie at work to check it over for me.

My Broken Rear Mech Hanger
My Broken Rear Mech Hanger

Not having much luck this year, I’ve been out on the bike twice in 2013 and had a puncture both times, and been on the turbo twice, first time resulting in a blown tyre and second time snapping my rear mech hanger! Is someone trying to tell me something????


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