Back on the Bike

Having been off the bike for 25 days it was time get back into the lycra, jump on the bike and feel the wind flow through my hair once again!

It’s been a busy few weeks and with being in Belfast drowning my body in alcohol, to watching the boys play rugby, my bike and I have spent too long apart. It was time to make amends.

With no takers for a relaxed pedal it was going to be a solo effort. OK when I say no takers Gilly did phone me to say he could be up for it but I’d already left and didn’t get his call until I retuned. Andy replied saying he was hungover and wouldn’t make it, apart from that I got no replies from the rest.

So off I set on my solo adventure, deciding to tackle the Stewarton run which would involve facing the climbs over the Eaglesham Moors! Was this a good idea? Who knows but only time would tell.

I said to myself I was going to take it easy due to the lack of recent miles in my legs, yet it felt anything but easy!

As I left my house I only got 30 yards or so before turning back and adding some air into my tyres which felt a little on the soft side. Today was going to be tough enough without running low tyre pressures.

Off I set again, this time nothing was stopping me, there was no turning back. I got to the end of my street and swung a left, carried on to the bottom of the road and turned right onto High Common Road. Travelling along High Common Road I took the slip road just after the flyover and made my way onto the dual carridgeway and straight into a head wind. Just what I needed on my first outing for several weeks!

I plodded along paying particular attention to my cadence, ensuring I wasn’t wasting energy and before long I was in Jackton heading towards Eaglesham where the might of the Moors awaited me. I’ve missed being out on the bike but haven’t missed the idiot drivers that plague our roads. As I travelled towards Eaglesham I was met with the first idiot driver of the day in a red car who sped past at high speed far too close to me despite the road on the other side being clear!

Undeterred I was now at the foot of the Moors. It was time to get the head down and get myself to the top by any means, except taking the bus! It was a sore one, my heart rate was cresting at 184bpm and my legs were feeling it a little, not as much as I thought they would to be fair, and to top it all off there was a strong headwind. After what seemed like an eternity I finally crested the Moors and made my decent towards the A77.

After several miles on the A77 I took a right turn and headed into Stewarton, making my way through the village and back out the other end heading towards Newton Mearns, back into Eaglesham and back home, totalling 37.5 miles with an average speed of 16.1mph.

The weather had been kind to me, it stayed mostly dry with a ittle drizze in Stewarton, the wind being the only hinderence. Despite it being a tough wee pedal I was happy to register a 16.1mph average speed considering I hadn’t been out for nearly 4 weeks.

It’s good to be back!


2 thoughts on “Back on the Bike

  1. It sounds like a great solo trip back in the saddle, despite the crazy car drivers. I have no idea why some drivers feel the need to rub shoulders with you. One of the great things I noticed whilst cycling in busy Barcelona whilst on my recent Catalunya trip was the rubber buffers at the side of the cycle lanes. A sure fire way to tell drivers they’re getting too close to cyclists! Definitely something we could do with incorporating here!

  2. Stu says:

    Yeah it was great to get back on the saddle after the time away from the bike. Just been busy and before you know it 4 weeks has past!

    Driver attitudes towards cyclists in Europe seem to be more friendly, especially in my experience of Mallorca back in April. Why can’t we all get along? I own a car and am also a cyclist.

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