Bank Holiday Monday Blast!

With it being Bank Holiday Monday here in Scotland I was left to entertain the boys as Gail was working. We decided to head into Soar Intu Braehead. I really don’t know why they changed their name, I much preferred “Xscape“, but there you go!

First up was a couple games of 10-pin bowling which I won! Yassss get in there! Doesn’t matter that I was playing against a 4yr old and an 8year old, who were both using the buffer and the youngest using the trolley thing……. a wins a win!

Feeling rather proud of myself and with a skip in my step we headed to play some of the games machines where I got the jackpot on one of them. It’s one of those places where you play the machines and get tickets which you can stack up or use against prizes.

It was now lunchtime and off to China Buffet King we went to work on expanding our waistlines!

Ice Cream and Pancakes for Pudding..... Don't mind if I do!
Ice Cream and Pancakes for Pudding….. Don’t mind if I do!

Now that lunch was out the way we headed across to have a look in the new Decathlon then headed home. Gail was due to finish at 2:30pm which meant she would be home for 2:50pm which opened up the opportunity for me to sneak out on the bike for a quick blast before she hit the gym to swatch at the eye candy, namely Gilly!

Stevie Potter had given me a loan of his Mavic Cosmic Carbone 50mm Clinchers to try out as I’ve always fancied a set of deep rim wheels. Now these wheels weigh in at 1695g without tyres, tubes and cassette while my Shimano Dura Ace WH-9000 C24’s weigh in at just 1395g!

The Wheels Look the Part on the Bike but do they perform?
The Wheels Look the Part on the Bike but do they perform?

So off I set with my bike all blinged up and my belly full of China Buffet King in search of the hills to really try these bad boys out! Very quickly I noticed the difference in weight as I had to work harder on even the small inclines. The test would be the Eaglesham Moors.

As I approached the traffic lights at the foot of the first of the four climbs out of Eaglesham and over the Moors I prepared myself for what lay ahead. Straight off I was dropping down into lower gears than I would normally use and found myself forced out the saddle to make the climb! My legs were now hurting and it was the same scenario for the remaining three climbs, lower gear and out the saddle. I really noticed a huge difference climbing with the wheels!

Next up came the long flattish section along the A77, this is where the wheels came into their own! Really noticed a difference once I’d got up to the 20mph mark. The wheels just cut through the air with ease.

During the climbs I hated the wheels, during the flat I loved them, and I ended up with an average speed of 17.3mph over 27.23 miles with 1,440ft of climbing……. so does that mean I like or dislike the wheels?

I did enjoy trying the wheels out and as I said loved them on the flat but they made the job tougher on the climbs, so I think I’ll stick to my much lighter Shimano Dura Ace C24 clinchers! The wheels looked the part but for me they didn’t perform the part on the climbs to make me fall in love with them!


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