Be Prepared!

Arranged to meet Scotty at 10am as the rest of the boys fancied a long lie and weren’t starting their adventure untill 12 noon…….. lazy gits!

I should have learnt my lesson by now and added 30mins to Scotty’s estimated Time of Arrival! I arrived at Sainsbury’s depot at 9.55am with no sign of Scott. A further 10mins past and I checked my phone to find a text message saying that he’ll be there at 10.20am. Instead of waiting about I decided to do a couple of laps of the industrial estate to pass the time. 10.25am anbd Scott final arrives and off we set.

The weather was a lot better than yesterday, dry with a little wind.

We headed past Langlands and made the climb up Ardochrig, which was pretty easy going on the road bike. I’ve climbed that beast of a hill several years ago on a hardtail and it nearly broke me! Admittedly I am much fitter now than I was back then.

At this point all was going well…….. then I felt the unmistakable feel of riding on the rim! Yes I had managed to get my first puncture on the road bike for just under a year! Not bad going.

The sequence of events that followed next can only be described as comical! We get my bike turned over and remove the rear wheel. Next we get one side of the tyre off the rim, so far so good. Next we remove the inner tube and I clear the foreign object that was protruding from the tyre, while Scott prepares the new spare inner tube. This is where it all goes Pete tong! Somehow the valve manages to pop off as Scotty is putting a little air into the tube. After a quick look for the valve, like looking for a needle in a haystack, we decided to bin it and patch up the damaged tube. I took out my never used before gadget, my Topeak CO2 pump and added a little air into the tube and headed over to the large lake like puddle to establish where the hole was. Next we went to put the patch on the damaged area and I couldn’t find any glue in my saddle bag, it’s the Topeak one with built in tools, so I presume that the patches are self adhesive. Turns out they are not self adhesive! At this point we think it’s game over for me, we are standing there getting cold, fingers getting numb so Scotty decides that the best plan of action would be for him to head back to the van and come and pick me up.

Just as he was about to set off my face lit up like a kid in a sweetie shop, or like Scotty in a shop full of lycra, as I find a wee tube of glue at the very back of the saddle bag. We then set about repairing the tube and used the last can of CO2 to inflate the tyre. With the inner tube repaired and the tyre back on and inflated we set about putting the wheel back on, this is where the next incident occurred. Scott slackened off the quick release skewer too much on his side and the spring and cap popped off, so the hunt was back on! Thankfully we found the spring straight away but the cap took a little longer, although we did find it in the end!

We then pack up and set off again, rolling along well and enjoying being back on the move again when again I feel that unmistakable feel of riding on the rim. Turns out the tyre is flat again. This time it really was game over for me as I was out of CO2 and Scotty had a pump that wouldnb’t even blow the head off a dandelion!

It was decide that the best plan would be for Scott to head back for the van and pick me up, only problem was we were just in Strathaven so it would be around 45-60mins before Scott would be back for me and it was getting cold standing about. I decided to walk to the street of houses I could see in the short distance and called Gail to come and pick me up.

So only managed a disappointing 14 miles, not a good weekend for me!

Lesson learnt, albeit the hard way, carry a hand pump when out on the bike!

Hope the rest of the boys had a better pedal than I did.