Breaking Records All Over the Place!

Having rattled up 162 miles in 7 days last week without a day off I finally give in and listened to my legs who were screaming out for a day off!

Being a good host of my legs I gave them not one but two days off!! Text and Facebook messages nearly made me slip off the bandwagon and go back on my word! Ian was heading out for a wee cheeky 80 miler and Gilly and Andy Bennet were heading out for a few relaxing miles. It was hard but I resisted the temptation and rested in the sun feeding on BBQ food, Stella Artois and Malt Whisky!

Monday morning and I was back on the bike with my legs feeling a lot fresher after their two day break! On my commute to work on Monday in very warm conditions I set a new PB of 27 mins 26 secs, knocking 17 secs off previous PB! Average speed of 15.6mph with average cadence of 85 rpm.

The commute home went well too with me equalling my PB of 24 mins 43 secs set on the 16th May, only the second time I’d completed the route in sub 25 secs!

Racked up an average speed of 16.6 mph with an average cadence of 89 rpm!

Having been delighted with yesterday’s new records I set off on my commute to work in slightly cooler conditions and was only 1 sec off equalling the PB I set yesterday! I got held up at a couple of roundabout’s having to slow right down but not stop completely, losing valuable seconds in the process.

Average speed of 15.7 mph with an average cadence of 86 rpm

On the commute home I set yet another PB knocking 1 min 13 secs off my previous PB and recording a time under 24 minutes for the first time ever!

The conditions were ideal although it did get very warm at one point but that could be down to the effort I was putting in. As I turned onto the Queensway from Phillipshill Cemetry I powered up and over the fly-over which usually presents a much harder challenge!

As I passed McDonalds and then through the roundabout I saw a couple of cyclists a head and soon closed them down as I was now maintaining a speed of 20 mph. I passed by the first cyclist without a word and two bike lengths ahead I had reeled in the second who was also on a road bike. I shot past him at 20 mph without a word and could see him try to sit on my wheel but I left him eating dust! I worried that he may catch up a little as I slowed down for the roundabout but it was clear so I continued round and onto the incline which usually slows me down to around 10 mph. Not today though! I maintained a 16mph average along this stretch completely losing the cyclists I’d passed earlier.

I sensed that this could be a new PB so hit the pedal hard for the remaining couple of miles and couldn’t quite believe that I hit the 23 min mark for the first time ever on that route!

Felt really strong and powered up the hills. Really chuffed! The 162 miles covered over 7 days followed by the 2 rest days must have done the world of good!


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  1. Gilly says:

    Impressive stats big chap and the PB’s are tumbling. Well done. You’ll be arriving at work before you leave soon. 🙂

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