Bucket Collection

Before I start this post I want to clear something up…… I wasn’t actually collecting buckets, I was collecting money in buckets!

With that cleared up I’ll begin………….

Today was a little different from the norm as I caught up with my good pals Paul & Lou Sheerin while helping out with a bucket collection at the Albion Rovers v Dunfermline game for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

With the game being a sell out and the ground having a capacity of around 1,400 we were hoping for a good day on the collection front, and weren’t disappointed. Paul and I headed outside the gates to catch the supporters of both clubs before they got into the ground and I must say they were very generous with their donations!

The Albion Rovers fans dug deep into their pockets in support of their Vice Chairman Paul who sadly lost his wife to cancer last year. The Dunfermline supporters descended on Cliftonthill in large numbers, high in spirits, and full of spirits, celebrating their team winning the League last week, and also dug deep into their pockets in support of such a wonderful Charity.

Vice President Paul took to the pitch at half-time to get his head shaved, raising money for the Beatson Cancer Charity in the process. At the full-time whistle we headed out to catch the supporters of both teams as they left the ground, and was surprised at how generous they were on the way out, taking into account a large number of them had already donated on the way in!

Felt proud to do my small part today and it was great to catch up with Paul and Lou again. The line of the day game from an Albion Rovers supporter who came over before the game and dropped some money in my bucket. Like I did with everyone who donated I thanked him and told him to enjoy the game. At this he burst out laughing and said, “Enjoy the game…… I’m an Albion Rovers Fan!!!” Lol

At the time of writing this post I don’t have a total raised but the day started with a £500 donation and loads of people popped £10 or £5 notes into my bucket along with coins so I’m sure the Charity have made a good amount.

A huge thank you to both sets of supporters for digging deep to help out such a wonderful charity and coming over for a chat and bit of banter.

Paul, Lou & myself collecting for the Beatson Cancer Charity
Paul, Lou & myself collecting for the Beatson Cancer Charity