Callum & Jamie Raise £110

Yesterday, Thursday 4th May I took my boys Callum and Jamie through to the Beatson to hand over the money they had raised back in November doing the Santa dash in Glasgow. Seems like a long time ago and yes that is correct but the boys wanted to hand over the money personally so we waited untill a time when we were all off, which happened to be yesterday thanks to the local elections.

Having seen all the work and fundraising I do for the Beatson Cancer Charity, the boys were keen to do their bit and opted for the Santa dash, a 5k run through the streets of Glasgow wearing santa suits and beards!

Both boys completed the challenge and managed to raise £55.00 each in the process! Very proud of them for asking to raise money for the Beatson off their own back and for completing the 5k, especially when at the time Jamie was only 6 years old and Callum was 10 years old!

Both boys want to do the Santa dash again this year and raise more money for the Beatson Cancer Charity. While walking to the building Jamie told me that next year he wanted to fill every space on the sponsor sheet!

Very proud of the two of them!

Had to laugh when I took the photo that my good pal and Beatson Cancer Charity Ambassador Paul Sheerin photobombed it!