Callum Russell

cal2Callum is the youngest member of the Whitelee Warriors and son to Directeur Sportif Stuart Russell. Callum is always keen to get out on his bike and always wants to head out with the Warriors on their rides but he’s a little too young at the moment, though he doesn’t see that as a problem!

Pictured along with Callum is his little brother Jamie who also loves his bike, so with Callum, Jamie and the other members kids the future of the Whitelee Warriors looks strong!

Callum is a cheeky wee chappy who loves playing rugby and plays for East Kilbride rugby club. Also a keen footballer, Callum plays for EKYC so as you can imagine he’s a very active 8yr old and it won’t be long until he’s following in the footsteps of his dad and whipping us all on the climbs!

Callum is a great help when it comes to cleaning and fixing his dad’s bike, always wanting to get a pair of oversized surgical gloves on and get tore into cleaning and repairing the bike.