Cassette Ratios

Don’t know if I’ve told you all but I’m off to Mallorca in April for a weeks cycling! 😉 Oh I did tell you…… several hundred times…….. ok I’m excited about it!

Our forthcoming trip to Mallorca is the reason the cassette ratios sprung into my mind. For those of you not up to speed in cassette ratios I’ll give you a brief explanation. The cassette is the part that sits on your back wheel and makes pedaling easier or harder depending on the incline or terrain. The steeper the incline the bigger the cog you’ll use.

Rear Cassette
Rear Cassette

What’s a cog?……… oh never mind

Anyway back to my cassette ratio issue which was caused by Gilly, then escalated by Stevie Potter. My bike setup is 50-34t up front with an 11-28t cassette on the back. For the most parts I find this setup more than enough to tackle the climbs, but this was put in doubt with Gilly’s recent purchase of the New Shimano 5800 105 groupset where he opted for an 11-32 tooth cassette! Yes I said 11-32 tooth! A 32t cassette is bloody huge, you could eat your dinner of it!

Now this started to get me worried as Gilly is smashing the hills like they don’t exist these days which highlight’s how tough the climbs of Mallorca are. Oops mentioned that word again! Now I find out Stevie has also purchased a 11-32 tooth cassette for our trip to Mallorca! Bear in mind these two guys tackled the climbs in Mallorca last year so know what to expect!

I decided to look into possibly switching to an 11-30t or 11-32t cassette myself but came across a few issues. Firstly I was looking at upgrading from 10 speed to 11 speed as my new wheels are 11 speed compatible. After some research this option was ruled out as to do so I’d need to upgrade my rear derailleur, and being Di2 it wasn’t going to be cheap!

Next option was to get a bigger cassette to make those climbs that wee bit easier, but again I came across issues. My rear derailleur is a short cage derailleur, therefore will only accept cassettes up to 28t, which I already use! Some people say you can run a 30t cassette with the derailleur but Shimano don’t recommend it, so there goes that idea.

My options now are to man up and ride with what I already have or take my Cube bike with me, squeezing a larger cassette on the back of it which also has a short cage rear derailleur fitted. I’m loving the fast and efficient gear changes offered by my Di2 electronic shifting set up so think I’ll just stick with what I’ve got and use the smaller cassette as an excuse for Gilly and Stevie beating me up the climbs!

Ooofffttt hoping the 28t cassette will be fine for Sa Calobra climb!

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