Catch Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog due to being snowed under with homers and training, not that I’m complaining on the homer front as it’s funding the lifestyle I’m accustomed to! OK it’s funding our family holiday to Eurodisney.

I’m currently sitting on the Glasgow to Stranraer train on my way to sunny Belfast for a four day bender so what better way to pass the time than to get a blog typed up…… modern technology and all that.

So I have a little break from training for my 4 days in Belfast followed by a week in Eurodisney before taking on the Graeme Obree Sportive on the 2nd Aug!

Four day bender is just what I needed before tackling the tough 78 mile route in 3 weeks time. So here I am sat on the train with a bottle of Buckie and my tablet to keep me company. Well c’mon Buckie is a fortified wine, and wine is made of grapes, and grapes are part of your 5-a-day……… right? Can’t be that bad for you eh?!

So how are we, the Whitelee Warriors getting on I hear you ask……. oh you didn’t ask………. tough, I’m going to tell you anyway! We’ve been training hard for our up coming events, ok some of us have been training hard. We have struggled to get the same large peloton going as we did previous years but it’s getting harder with everyone’s work commitments and family duties, but hey ho that’s life!

As I type we have raised £2,048.00 for the Beatson Charity with a couple events still to do and a possible race night on the cards, excuse the pun!

A huge thank you to all those who have donated to this wonderful charity so far. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet and would like to you still can on our Just Giving page. Doesn’t matter how small the donation, it all builds up and makes a huge difference to those fighting the terrible disease that is Cancer!

So back to how we’re all getting on. Stevie Potter has purchased what can only be described as a beast of a machine in the form of a Specialized S-Works Tarmac. Now that is one very nice machine!

Gilly has been smashing the mountains to pieces in his current form which really surprises me he hasn’t had an early morning chap at the door and been asked to provide a urine sample! The week before he headed off to Mallorca for some winter training I had the pleasure of his company on a cycle, along with Alan (Bin Laden) McKee. If I recall correctly the  route was a 50-60 miler and Gilly was blowing out his arse, he’ll tell you this himself. He really blew with around 10 miles to go and had to stop a couple of times on the climbs due to cramp.

Fast forward a weeks time where he smashed the mountain of Mallorca, as reported by Alan and all those who attended the training camp! Alan’s words were that Gilly must have been on something as the difference in performance was night and day! Lol

Davie Mullin………… now that’s a name you won’t have read much about in recent blogs, or blogs going back the past year. What can I say? Davie books the Etape accommodation, turns up and rides the event……… who needs training! See you next May Davie!

Stevie Haining………. now Stevie is in the same boat as Gilly, he’s come into form but his form can be put down to beetroot juice and marathon training! He arguably put in his best performance in a Whitelee Warriors jersey at the Etape Caledonia in May.

Ian (Ironman) Hockey…….. sadly Ian has been a missing fixture for most of the year, being busy with the Big Bobble Hats and training Mack whose looking like a name to watch for in the future!

Chris Hunter……… Chris has been slogging it out on his bmx and has now switched back onto his proper bike and is coming into good form at the right time. Yet another strong performance in the Etape Caledonia.

John Stewart……… ah good old John………. the guy who’s bike looked too fast for him, then he fell in love with it but fell out of love with the Etape! Lol Been out several times with John and he’s looking strong and I’m sure we’ll see his petted wee lip and 3/4 length baggy cycle shorts at the Etape again next year!

Alan (Bin Laden) McKee…….. the world hide and seek champion had lost his title as we managed to find him and enjoyed a pedal with him before he regained his title!

Shaun McLauchlan………. we seek him here, we see him there. Due to work commitments and family our paths tend to cross now and then and always a pleasure when it does. Shaun does a lot of solo training and gets himself in shape for events.

Willie Rosling………… Willie has been busy playing with his hose as he does. For all you dirty minded individuals out there he’s a fireman……….. but they’re may be some truth in the rumours! Lol Again Willie floats in and out due to work and family commitments. Quite often he’ll moan at how unfit he is……… I’d love it if my top fitness was the level of unfit he was!

So there you go, that’s what we’ve been up to and if I’ve missed anyone I  do apologise,

Train is starting to fill up and I look like a geek sitting with my Nexus 7 and bluetooth keyboard on the table typing this blog……… that is until they see my bottle of Buckie and I’m soon welcomed into the Ayrshire contingent.