Christmas Night Out at Spice 2013

With the dust finally settling and the vision stabilising again I thought I’d do my write up of our Christmas night out at Spice!

With 13 members down to attend the event John unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute as his wife had her night out on the same night and he was struggling to get a babysitter. We all now know who wears the trousers in that household! 😉

Chris and Willie had their own works night out so were also unable to attend which left:

  1. Myself
  2. Ally
  3. Stevie Potter
  4. Ian Hockey
  5. Gilly
  6. Andy Bennet
  7. Si Bennet
  8. Alan Bennet
  9. Shaun
  10. Stevie Haining
  11. Davie Mullin
  12. Ricky Stewart

I headed back to Stoneage, sorry, I headed back to Stonehouse to pick Stevie up, arriving back at mine around 5pm where we indulged in a couple of Budweiser’s to tease the palette and freshen the breath before heading to the Monty to meet up with the rest of the likely lads.

Slowly but surely everyone arrived at their own pace with the exception of Ian who was on his way back from Manchester and text to say he’d just meet us in Spice. Stevie and Davie arrived and from the other end of the bar I saw them sniggering like a couple of school girls and I knew straight away what it would be about! Yes I had bought a new shirt for the night out and yes despite trying to iron out the folds I hadn’t quite managed it!

7:30pm arrived and it was time to head round to one of our sponsor’s Spice where we would be settling for the evening. Abby the owner met us in the bar and we received our usual warm welcome from him and his staff, not to mention his son who is a complete gentleman like his father!

We were duly shown to our table where priorities were dealt with…… our drinks order was taken! With the drinks in full flow we placed our order for our meal and were then issued with our annual gift of a Big Bobble Hat from one of our other sponsors, Big Bobble Hats. So for the second year running we looked like the Smurf convention and drew so funny looks……. mainly looks of jealousy as everyone wanted to look as cool as we did!

As per the norm the food was up to the usual high standard with not a complaint from anyone!

With the eating part out the way it was time to head through to the bar for has now become the traditional after dinner karaoke! Abby felt that we were a little too quiet and sober so ordered up a round of Jager Bombs on the house to get the vocal chords lubed up! The Jager bombs did the trick and the karaoke was now in full swing! It turned out to be quite a fight to get the mic off Ian who was giving it laldy!


Before long it was last orders and time to bid a fond farewell to Abby and his staff with everyone well oiled! Ally and I stepped outside and everyone else had disappeared……. we found out later the next day that they had ended up in Downtown! Thank feck we never found them! Lol

Ally and I walked back to mine where we opened a bottle of Bud each before Ally called it a night and headed home in a taxi.

Another great night out with the Warriors at Spice, great food, great company and a lot of drink!

I would just like to follow up on something Gilly said the following day which is very true. He said that the best part of the year the Whitelee Warriors keep him fit and healthy with all the cycling, then comes the night outs that are calorie ridden and usual wipe out a day of your life that you’ll never get back! Lol

I would just like to say a big thank you to Abby and his staff for their hospitality and to Ian & Tamarra for our gifts curtsey of Big Bobble Hats.

Below is a video that Abby made for us from the night out.