Commuting to Work

Well today I decided I’d start commuting to work again on the bike. Well actually it was last night I decided to commute by bike again where possible and what easier way to start than on a bank holiday Monday when Callum was off school and Jamie was off nursery! It meant I didn’t have any rushing about dropping Callum at school and then dropping Jamie at my mum’s which I do Tue-Thurs.

I woke and the weather was ok, a bit overcast but it was dry and fairly warm. I rushed about the house frantically grabbing my cycling kit from different rooms and cupboards and threw some lunch together, yes I was that prepared! Lol

At 9.15am I set off on the 7 or so miles to work. Being the bank holiday the roads were very quiet and I had no hold ups on route and didn’t even need to stop at any of the roundabouts I pass through. My legs felt heavy on the hills which surprised me but to be fair it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I was last out on the bike due to being away golfing in Berwick for 4 days.

All in all I was pleased with the cycle and covered the 7.18 miles in 29 mins 06 secs with an average speed of 14.8mph.

After a days grind at the office I began the return journey home, only this time it was pouring so thankfully I had packed my waterproofs!

The 6.87 miles on the way home was tough in the wind, rain and hail, taking 30mins 40secs with an average speed of 13.4mph.

Although it was a tough cycle home and I was frozen and drenched by the time I got back, I really enjoyed commuting to work on the bike again. Hoping to do the same again tomorrow unless we get storms!